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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baby Steps….

I have to come to realize,this rebuilding of TheGreatWall is gonna take baby steps.After one week of working on this re-building thing,and two vacation days from that other job I have to have…something about paying bills and supporting this garden habit I have acquired…it has come to this…
I, now, have steps…
...to the upper level…
Just a touch more dirt and the upper level will be ready for gravel and pavers.
…and a planter…
To fill the planter,I am leaning towards a Pindo Palm.It’s cold hardy.Native to this area,a slow grower,and will grow in a container.
This planter also provides some extra seating in the garden…I know.I sat on it enough,today…A nice place to stop and sit for a spell.
Next up…
-another,smaller,raised bed will go in front of the upper,large one
-re-do the pathway from the lower steps to the back.Weed,raise(it has always had a tendency to flood in the summer rains) and re-gravel
-more dirt for the upper level
-mulch pathways through the new areas
Isn’t it 5 o’clock somewhere?


Meems said...

Wow. That is SO MUCH work, Chris. You do this step thing so well I SO wish you would show the rest of us HOW-TO. (Ah-hemm)It is going to look great.

One thing you might want to consider on the Pindo is the leaves arch and drape in quite a expanse which could impede the walk-up... which you might hate in a couple of years. A European Fan Palm has all the same good characteristics (drought and cold hardy) but it's fronds are upright. Just a thought. I am so excited about your progress! Meems

Unknown said...

Meem-I fly by the seat of my pants when I do this.The hardest part is getting the first course level.And lots of gravel underneath that course.After that,you're home free.
It's not a large planter.Maybe 3-4 feet across.So I want something that's an extremely slow grower.And I need some vertical interest.That's why I'm tending towards the Pindo.But I may end up with an olive tree or a bottlebrush tree.

Gayle said...

You have really done a lot of work in such a short time. I hope you have a chance to finish before it gets really hot out. Enjoy!


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