"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I have been wanting to do this for months,but it has been just too darn hot and humid.

So,after the cool front,finally passed thru,I was up.
Out and early with my trusty spade.......
A spade I was lucky enough to get from my dad's garden.....
Note to self:Always,always buy the best quality garden tool.It will pay you back in the end.One thing my dad has always had,were the best garden tools.

This is what I accomplished yesterday......... The red line shows where the shade garden originally was.I extended it about two feet.After moving some plantings,rocks,etc.,I realized I really didn't care for it.........
The angle just didn't seem right......the flow didn't seem natural enough to suit me.....
Sooooo,the yellow line shows where I am going to extend it further.I think the curve will be much more natural......
I'm including the token shot of one of the plumeria blooms.This deep pink one has a smell reminescent of roses.I just love passing by it.
And brushing up against it,and taking in the delicious scent!
We have three plumerias this color in bloom.We are so enjoying them this year.
We have Monarch babies again!
Only three this time.I just don't think we have enough Milkweed to support a whole family.
Another note to self:Buy more Milkweed!
And we have another Red Shouldered Hawk,visiting TheGreatWall.This one seems to be a juvenile.But as curious as the others.
They are such fascinating creatures.But they seem as fascinated by us,as we are by them. Another cool front is due next weekend,so hopefully I can finish the expansion of the shade gardens.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

If It EVER Cools Off..........

This is what I intend to do.......

Follow the red line.......

That sod shall be removed,and the shade gardens enlarged .........
Less to mow!!!!
But it has to cool off,first.....
This heat,this late in the year,is unheard of.After a slight cool off last week,it has been record breaking heat and humidity since......
Where's Al Gore?
But there are signs of Autumn.......
Just gotta look for them.......
The Fulgurium are budding!
I canot wait to see the flowers!
But where's the cool weather?
Isn't this October?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Plethora Of Plumeria, and other stuff.....

Every single plumeria(except for one) in the garden is in bud!
And we have over 20 different plants.
The first to bloom is my favorite.............. Look how many buds(beauti-ess-ness to come) are on just this one branch............
The plumeria we have growing in pots,actually,are performing better than the ones that are in the ground.Every branch on the one pictured above has blooms.We have another pink,like this one,that is also covered with buds.
The only thing,I can think of,is the cold,this past winter,helped them along. I haven't treated them any different than previous years.The cold would be the only difference.
This could be the year that I finally figure out which one is which.As Jon kinda/sorta got the cuttings from Sanibel Island(yes-I did have permission!)mixed up,on the trip home.(We're still working on the forgiveness angle on that!)
My dad tells me that double whites tend to bloom first,in the spring,and then leaf out.Sooo,I'm hoping that the one that is not in bud is the double white.Fingers and toes crossed.....

Why do I love plumeria so?You can't kill 'em.Unless,you love them to death.They thrive on benign neglect,poor soil,you can dig them up and move them around,etc.They love early morning and late afternoon sun.If you forget to water them(during dry spells),with that first drink they immediately forgive you.I have never,ever fertilized any of them.All I do is top dress the potted ones every spring with some compost.That's it.
My kinda plant!
They love me.They really,really love me!
And I love them!
I did read on the plumeria forum that the double whites like a shot of slow-release fertilzer once a year,so I may try that,next spring.

The next photos are for Meems.....

Our Angel's Tears are spreading and blooming,better than ever,this year.

Lindernia grandiflora

I received the original cutting from a neighbor,many years ago.He called it Angel's Tears,so that's what I've always called it.

Notice the two lighter spots on the lower petals.Hence,the name Angel's Tears.
It is an excellent ground cover for Zones 8B-10A.It loves moist ground in full shade to full sun.I must admit,I have forgotten about it numerous times,and it still loves me.It propagates so easily.Just stick a bobby pi(or a large stone) on a branch,so it touches the ground,and it will root.Cut the new growth off,plop it where you want it,and voila'.How can you not love a plant that behaves that well?
From the original cutting I received,so many years ago,I,now,have many plants growing on TheGreatWall,and have passed many on to others.
It tends to bloom in the spring,but with this wacky weather weather we've been having in Florida,this year(the freezes this past winter,heat and drought during the spring,no actual summer rain pattern,Autumn temperatures,last week,we,now,have record setting heat and humidity,this week),I think it's confused.And it is blooming like crazy.

Don't you just love the unpredictability of gardening?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Green and Gold

In honor of my Alma Mater's
football team and their
5-0 record
this is all about the
Green and Gold

The green and gold of autumn........The colors of the University of South Florida.............. The colors in bloom on TheGreatWall ............

The colors we use as decor in the containers.............
and with a nod to the Gators(after all,alot of our money went there with Erich,the Younger),some orange................

May this be the bestest season ever for the Bulls!
(now ranked 23,by the way!)
oh yeah,we still have to play Cinncinati,
on ESPN,
on a Thursday.........


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