"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Monday, June 24, 2013


We have cabinets!

.It’s been a looong,sad saga regarding the cabinets.
They were lost,
not on the truck,
”Oh.They’re in Miami.”
they are here!
the cabinet guy measured wrong…..figures….
Sooooo,they had to be re-worked…..
there was no way I was gonna go thru this again!


But,they are here….
and installed…
Today,they templated for the granite…took 3 hours
The counters should be installed next week.

Getting there……………

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kitchen Reno Update~~~~~

The past 3 months the garden has taken a back seat to the kitchen renovation,which I posted about here.
Sooooo,after a few times of hair pulling,temper tantrums(oh yeah-I have lost my temper quite a few times….),
This is where we are,today.
The dining room is finally finished,and back together….….
Walls had to be torn out to install 2 new laminated beams.One in the kitchen(between the old kitchen/laundry area),and one between the living room/dining room.
My favorite thing(besides the open feeling),in the dining area….
a photo of the grand kiddoes feet, I took, and then had enlarged.
It hangs  over my Uncle’s
(my Uncle Dewey-
-who deserves his own post,by the way-
Every  kid should have an Uncle Dewey,
-but I digress)
  antique desk,which has become command central.Where the laptop,iPad,and phone are plugged in.
I will share the new laundry room in another post.
But I’m loving it!

Still waiting on the kitchen cabinets……….

Don’t ask about the kitchen cabinets……

Sunday, June 16, 2013

On Father’s Day……

I posted this a year ago when my Dad passed away.
On this Father’s Day,feeling kinda nostalgic,I thought I would repost it….
Saying Good Bye….
In a previous post I wrote about the passing of my Dad.
My gardening guru.
The man who taught me everything I know.
This past weekend,family and friends gathered to say a final good-bye.
On Friday,May 25th,on what would have been his 93rd birthday,we gathered at Ft. DeSoto Beach to spread his ashes.
At the North Beach…
The same spot he and my mother loved visiting.
We put his ashes in a sand pail and waded out as far as we could,with the little ones.
When no one could find the right words to say,
Emma took charge.
Almost as if to say,”Let Grandpa go home,big people!”
….she grabbed a fistful of ashes out of the pail and threw them into the wind.
And she kept doing that…
…until we all joined in.
It felt peaceful.
As if Dad was at peace,
… at home.
Later that evening,we all had dinner,
and told stories of Dad….
…and Kyle got to blow out the birthday candles for the both of them…
They kinda/sorta shared the same birthday….
I think he would have liked that….
Miss you Dad….
Still do…..


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