"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thoughts on the LAST cold front of the season…

…This one is s’posed to be a strong one.Hopefully,it will be the last one.I’m ready to get back into gardening,in earnest.Some serious gardening.
today,I didn’t venture outside until after noon time.When the temperature finally made it into the 50’s!
I managed to get a row of garlic planted…
My first time trying garlic.I thought I would give it a try.
…and two rows of onions…
Yesterday,was spent spreading compost,a good thick layer of mulch,and watering.All the while,wavering back and forth between “Should I cover,or not?”
Then I saw this…
An Agapanthus in bloom?! What the…?
This one has never bloomed,ever!And,now,before the worst cold snap of the season,it decides to bloom!
I’ll cover…
I drove a steak into the ground and covered it with an old pillowcase.To the right is the Banana Shrub,which is covered in buds.To the left is the Queen Emma Crinum,which already has new growth,and another pup started.
Thanks,Gramma,for taking care of my plant.
No problem,Emma.
The Angel’s Trumpet was also covered.
It has been through so much.What with TheTree narrowly missing it,back hoes,pool reconstruction,and January’s cold spell,and it has still hung in there.Now,that it is covered in new growth,I realize what a trooper it is,and I want to save it.So,covered up,it is…Under the striped cover,are baby Angel’s Trumpets.Rooted cuttings from the big-daddy.I took the cuttings when I thought the big-daddy was going to be succumb to the pool reconstruction.
All of the orchids,bromeliads,and tender tropicals are already on the screened lanai.I created a sort of windbreak,and because the pool needs to run,if the temperature is going to drop too low(so the solar pool heater doesn’t freeze up,during the night),I’m hoping that the heat given off by the pool,tonight,will be enough.Got my fingers crossed.And toes…
The bird seed cakes,which I posted about  here.,seem to be a hit.
I’ve had to make a second batch,
and today, the wrens were eating their full.
….I feel a third batch coming up…
They’re soooo quick and easy to make,and,obviously,the birds at TheGreatWall like ‘em.Give the recipe a try.

Now,I think I shall get warm and make myself a cup of hot tea. A half and half mixture of Passion Fruit Tea (from Tazo) and Green Tropical Tea(available here).
It’s all part of my decision to cut out the caffeine.So far,so good…
And listen to some Beach Boys music,on Spotify - my new addiction.Have you tried it? It’s great!
…look at seashells…
… and look ahead to warmer weather….

Come on Spring!

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NanaK said...

The birdseed cakes look interesting. I might try some of those. I missed your post on them somehow. I like the hotsauce idea to keep the squirrels away. Hope it works w/ my Ninja squirrels.


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