"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, April 25, 2010




– Master Po to Kwai Chang Caine. “Kung Fu”

or as my Dad says,”Give it time.”

Just when I was ready to give up on some of the plantings coming back,lo and behold……


The plumerias are finally awakening from their winter slumber.I had just about given up on tem,thinking this past winter was too cold for too long a time.And too many freezes.

But my Dad convinced to hang in there.”They may come back from their roots.Give them time.”

I was convinced this time he was wrong.But this weekend I was pleasantly surprised…….more like jumping for joy….IMG_4636

All of the plumeria have new growth,most from their roots.

What else has decided to join the party?

IMG_4641 Ground orchids


A red Hibiscus

I was certain this one was a goner,as it was totally unprotected during the freezes.

"Patience is power; with time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes silk."--
Chinese Proverb

and because YardBoy likes the attention………hold your applause,or else there will be no living with him…..


We leave this week for a week at the beach….yippee!!!!….so all the gardening chores have been done.

Happy gardening,everyone!!!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A YardBoy Post…..




Just showing off YardBoy’s KnockOut roses.

Don’t want him to feel left out after all…..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Gator Garden


In honor of the spring Blue/Orange Gator game that was held last weekend, TheGreatWall has taken on a Florida Gator appearance.

It would seem to be appropriate,as a large amount of our money went there……


l-r,top-bottom: petunia,blue containers

Blue-eyed Grass,Spider Wort

Giant Blue Iris(from Home Depot), Louisiana Iris(a pass-a-long from Meems)





l-r,top-bottom: Bulbine,a confused Chrysanthemum,Butterfly Weed,a Pelargonium in bloom,WILS PACIFIC PERSPECTIVE orchid, unknown succulent bloom

Go Gators!!!

This was written by a USF Bulls alumnus……..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An Emptiness On TheGreatWall…

This past weekend,TheGreatWall lost our beloved Chief of Security,also known as as
Ms Fannie
(she was too liberated to be a Miss)
009 It was thirteen years ago,that Miss Fannie showed up in our yard,as a pregnant kitten.After being examined by our vet,it was determined she was barely six months old,and was a feral cat who had gotten pregnant with her first heat.We took her home,and she promptly proceeded to deliver 4 kittens in our side garden.Two of which survived(including the infamous VooDoo,who could have his own blog!But that’s for another day.)
She absolutely refused to be taken  into the house,and only begrudgingly came in when we took her two surviving kittens inside.She seemed to say,”OK,I’ll come into your laundry room,but NO further!And the kittens stay with me!” (VooDoo was having no part of that,however-he was the biggest kitten I have ever seen and the most adventurous-drove her crazy!)
After the kittens were weaned,we had her spayed and YardBoy considered her his cat.And he fell hopelessly in love.As did she with him.No one else could pick her up,let alone hold her.She would have no part of that.She was his girl.
Every morning,when walking out the back door, we would find a “gift’ from her.Usually a vole,which she had found during the night.
And she protected TheGreatWall as no one else could.IMG_3784
She seemed to take great enjoyment in annoying me while I was gardening.Walking through the garden while I was planting seeds or bulbs,digging things up,pooping where she knew she wasn’t supposed to,etc.
Two weeks ago,she became increasingly out-of-sorts.Refusing to eat or drink,and labored breathing.
Even YardBoy couldn’t approach her.
It was determined she had Acute Renal Failure.(which seems to be common in feral cats.)
YardBoy brought her home,laid her under her favorite Giant Liriope,and she passed away within the hour.
We buried her under the stand of Norfolk Island Pines,with all of the other  family pets.(over the 30+ years we have buried quite alot of pets back there).
Now,the plan is to find a concrete piece,of a sleeping cat,to add to the garden.
Ms Fannie,
you will be missed……………

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?






The hook I bought from Wild Birds Unlimited is just fantastic! The  squirrels absolutely cannot get into the feeder.I am very impressed with it.The only thing I can find fault with is,I wish they made them in a greater variety of sizes and lengths.Some of our Florida Oak’s limbs are quite large,and high(the getting out the ladder thing is starting to get old….but I’ll continue to do it….),so it would be nice to have one with a larger hook top,and a longer length.Other than that minor detail,I’m quite pleased.

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