"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Monday, September 27, 2010

An Early Morning Walk ……..

thru the garden….

It rained during the night.

It was early.

Really early….

The sun was barely up.

What could I find with the camera?

Come along and see….


IMG_0494Garden Mums 

IMG_0496Crossandra leafIMG_0501 Begonia that keeps on blooming.I’ve had this one for 3 years.


Raindrops on an Alocasia


Sunlight through the same Alocasia 


Bark on a Norfolk Island Pine

Sunlight through the Norfolk Island PinesIMG_0509

Raindrops on a CaladiumIMG_0518

IMG_0526 Yum!!!

A Walking Stick in the veggie garden…IMG_0487

what more could I do with some editing software?



Have you ever strolled through your garden and seen things from a different angle?

Try it….

You’ll like it!


Not much gardening has been going on at TheGreatWall.

We have a project!

and this one’s a biggie!

Guess I owe YardBoy some favors.*wink-wink*

It includes,but not included to rocks,gravel, flagstones, pavers,moving plantings around,correcting a flooding problem,yada-yada-yada……

a hint…IMG_0519 Stay tuned for the reveal….

 Emma alert!!!!!!


OK,back to blogging…..

Rumor has it we may be in for a cool front.later this week.


Steve Jervey had better be right!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Signs Of Autumn ?

The past few days it seems like Autumn just may be in the air.Could it be true?IMG_0451

This morning,at 7 AM,the thermometer said 69 degrees!

Alas,by noon,it was up in the 90’s.IMG_0452 But the humidity was low…

And the love bugs are back!

Late this afternoon,taking the camera on a stroll through the garden, Autumn could be found everywhere the camera focused….


The Pine Cone Gingers are in full bloom….IMG_0467 Puh-leze,puh-leze hang on ‘til the holidays!

~~~Warning!!! ~~~

~~~Emma Alert!~~~


emmatoniLatest photos from son and DIL.

Toni,the tiger cat,is very protective of “her baby”…..

We now return you to regular blogging…..

Yep,I bought some Mums…IMG_0453 I,absolutely,cannot do without mums,when Autumn comes!

Mums just signify the return of cooler weather to me.

Magnolia pods,I relocated from son and DIL’s house in Tallahassee,have sprung forth with seeds…IMG_0471 I thought I would give growing them from seed a try.

and crotons,for some reason,always remind me of Autumn….IMG_0456

and the birds are feeding,at the feeders….



The magnificent oak has acorns….IMG_0484_1 and the squirrels are ever so happy!

Hopefully,cooler weather is soon to arrive……

Now,if only,the mosquitoes would get the hint…

I hope everyone’s garden is growing with abandon!

Our’s is!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

He Wanted It……

He got it!

In my previous post,I wrote how YardBoy wanted collards and turnips.

He’s born and bred southern,after all….

I told him if he could find a proper spot for them,he could go for it.Find a proper spot he did.IMG_0449 The Man-Side of the yard.

The Man-Side is where he keeps his “stuff.”

Valuable  ”stuff.”

Stuff he’s gonna use “someday.”

 what do men do on their side of the yard anyways?

The raised beds are soooo properly level.

But,please excuse the canoe in the back ground…….

I think it would make a great planter……

”But,babe,we’ll use it again.”

We haven’t used it in over ten years!”

But we will."

S-u-r-e we will.”

I lost the argument.The canoe is still there……

What’s he going to plant?IMG_0448 I said no to tobacco and cotton….


I feel an Emma update coming on… 

Good news!

The pediatrician doesn’t want to see her until she’s a month old.)2 weeks from now)She’s gaining weight and her bilirubin numbers have stabilized.

The girl rocks!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back To The Garden…..


After our quick trip to Tallahassee,where we welcomed the ever delightful Emma to the garden party,we are now back at TheGreatWall.After eight days away,we returned to a weedy,over grown mess.

(but it was more than worth it!)

While in Tallahassee,we took some time to visit two places we have always wanted to see.

First up,Tony’s Garden Patch.The Dirt,on TBO.com,had an article about this place a while back.And ever since,we have wanted to see it. Plus,maybe we could finally find a nice cat statue for the garden.Find the statue we did(for $7.50!)….


but wait!

There’s more…..


Shouldn’t everyone should have a six foot gargoyle in their garden?

How about life size concrete pigs?IMG_0422

You want it,they got it!IMG_0423

And this is only a very small portion of what they have!It would take an entire day to see everything.

After that,we went to Native Nurseries.IMG_0426

I swear,I felt like I had died and gone to gardener’s Heaven.

Acres of Florida natives….IMG_0424

What did I buy,you ask?


I may be pushing the southern-most boundary,as it’s only known to grow down to Ocala.The nursery said it should bloom.Maybe just not as prolifically as Zone 8.You can read about it here….

Also,I bought five Hurricane Lily bulbs.

Lycoris_radiata800cImage from Floridata

Whether they’ll perform this fall or not,is debatable.But they will next fall.And,hopefully,I should have extra bulbs to give away.

~~~A slight interruption for a Emma alert! ~~~

I wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful comments about our Emma.After a few bumps in the road,she is now home with her Mom and Dad,and doing beautifully.



and with her adoring daddy….


Now,we return you back to regular blogging…..

This weekend was spent putting in the fall veggie garden.


Also planted were broccoli,red,green and orange peppers,two heirloom tomatoes, Big Boy and Better Boy tomatoes,and cucumbers,.Previously planted were leeks and herbs.I still need to get onion sets.YardBoy wants some collards and turnip greens,but he has to find his own space if he wants those.Our version of The Great Gardening Debate….

Have a great gardening week,everyone!



Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Slight Digression……

from gardening.

Actually,this post was supposed to be about gardening.In fact,yesterday we were at a landscaping supply business pricing rocks for the new shade garden.

We were all ready to place the order,and have them delivered,when there was that familiar ringtone,and a text message,saying,

”I don’t think Emma isn’t going to wait any  longer.”

Should we come now?”

“I think so.”

Scratch the rock order….

Rush home,pack,hop in the Tacoma,and drive to Tallahassee….

Where we were fortunate enough to meet The Divine Miss E(mma)

and now you get to meet her,too.


Welcome to the garden party,Emma!

It is so wonderful to finally meet you!

Gardening may have to take the backseat for awhile…..

Edited to add this photo.

Excuse the IV in her head.It’s her temporary tiara!



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