"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Want Ad:

Since Saturday afternoon,we have received this much rain….


Wanted: Opinions from all gardeners.

The Problem #1:low areas in a landscape,created by the roots of huge,magnificent,old-growth Florida Oaks.These areas are in almost total shade most of the day.The oaks must stay.

A partial solution: After all the rains of this past weekend,we dug this out.


With a gentle slope down to the water’s edge.More tree roots still need to be removed.Plantings were removed and relocated to higher areas.

According to YardBoy (I was at work),during the downpours,today,it worked quite well.Now,the plan is to cover the dirt with weed block,fill in with pea gravel,and line the pseudo-pathway with larger rocks.Thoughts?Are we headed in the right direction?

The Problem #2:Slopes in the yard,created by the roots of the oaks.

IMG_0315 The left and right arrows point to low areas(that are under water whenever it rains);

the middle arrow points to the new carved out pathway.

We’re thinking we probably need to get a couple of yards of topsoil in,and fill these areas in.The higher areas are tree roots.As we are on a lake,the water table goes up and down depending on the rainfall,etc.Right now,it’s quite “soggy”,as the lake level is up high.

We are aware we created part of the “problem” when the pool was put in,and the first GreatWall was put in.Yards of good soil were brought in,which created a favorable environment for the oaks.Thus,the roots…..A conundrum,to be sure……

We were all for the rain garden idea,but after research,we realized the areas are in shade 90% of the day,even during the summer.Rain gardens need more sun than that.The other problem is we want to leave a grassy area for the grand kiddoes to play in.We don’t have much grass,but the gardens are for the kiddoes,too.We think they’ll enjoy the new rocky area down to the water.Running and hiding out in a garden are part of kids enjoying gardens,too.

So,fellow garden bloggers,tie on your thinking caps,and give us your best shot……

All ideas welcomed with open arms……

Sunday, August 22, 2010

~This and That~

Yesterday morning,Meems,from Hoe and Shovel,was gracious enough to open her gardens to some of us West Central Florida garden bloggers.It was so much fun meeting everyone who’s blog I read daily.(and viewing Meems’ garden is a treat in itself,I am here to testify!)How wonderful to put faces with internet friends!No photos(I forgot my camera).Plants and gardening ideas were swapped.The information garnered from each other was amazing.I learned so much!

I was fortunate enough to meet:

Brandy from A Ponderer Digresses

Rhonda from A Garden Almanac

Kay from My Garden Path

Janice(AKA Pumpkin) from Graceful Cottage Gardening

Susan from Simply Susan Thank you SOOOO much for the Lily!

Meems’ delightful elderly neighbor(I MUST introduce her to my Dad)

some Master Gardener friends of Meems and Rhonda

if I left anyone out,I apologize.

Came home  hopping and skipping(YardBoy doesn’t get the hopping and skipping thing when I come home with a new plant-what’s up with that?) with oodles of treasures.

Life is good!

On to the more mundane….

Since yesterday morning,it has rained on and off.Quite heavy at times.The rest of the time,just a drizzle.But when it came down-it came down!

our backyard this afternoon….IMG_0304

The low spots are created by the roots from our massive oaks….IMG_0305

This is supposed to be our new shade garden…..IMG_0302

I see some retrenching in our future…..

On a disgusting note,YardBoy found these two having sex,in our weggie garden…

Can you imagine that ?IMG_0301

One died.By pitch fork.Hope they enjoyed their little soiree’…

And on to a more happy note…

Most of the rainy times,this weekend,were spent finishing a crib quilt that my late mother had started years ago,and never finished.Why she never finished it I don’t know.When I cleaned out her craft chest,after she passed away 32 years ago,I found everything.It was almost all put together.It just needed to have the binding put on it.The fabric was there,so it was quite simple to put it together.She had embroidered the squares when she was about eight years old,when she had Rheumatic Fever.

Did she mean it for a future great grandchild? I have no idea….but I think so.

So,Emma(I call her The Divine Miss E),this one’s for you……


Can’t wait to meet you!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Short Conversation~~~~~

“Hey Lady! Whatcha doin’?”


Trying to take a photo of one of YardBoy’s roses.”


But nothing is cooperating.Not even the butterflies…”

Ummm…you may have noticed that it’s hot out?It is the middle of the day,

in August,

after all.

Have you seen that Marsh Rabbit that likes to eat your Curcumas around?

Nope-he’s where it’s cool.


Any Ring-Neck Snakes?Same…..

OK-those dumb Muskovie Ducks don’t count—

they taste really,really bad.


Mother Nature made it hot in Florida for a reason.So we creatures could rest,and get away from you stoopid humans.Have you noticed that I’m perched up in this magnificent old Florida Oak?Where it’s nice and cool?”


Don’t you think you should be inside?

In the air conditioning?

Or else,in that big old pond you built?

With that fake gator?

I’m a USF Bulls fan,myself


Good idea………..I’ll put my bathing suit on.”

Note:No Florida Gator was hurt in the creation of this post…..but just wait until September 11……..

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I hate mowing!

Grass,that is.

The kind we all have.


I hate mowing any of it.

It’s a big patch of green,nothingness.


(If I could tear up this front lawn,I would.But it’s all septic tank drain field.That whole roots thing gets you every timeFull sun,too.Can you see how exasperated I get?)

Technically,a weed.

You have to edge it,to keep it neat.

It grows wherever it wants….

You have to weed-eat….

I’m the mower in this household(it’s my exercise….)

I’d rather clean my house than mow….(what does that tell ya?)

Yes,we have a self-propelled mower

(I would not be mowing if it wasn’t self-propelled!),

but it’s such a waste of my time.

I’d rather be gardening,or floating around in the pool….

anything but mowing!

YardBoy could never understand why I keep expanding the gardens…


This weekend,he decided he’d be a manly-man,and mow,and weed eat.

Ya gotta love a guy who’ll do that for you!

Now he gets it…..

He’s all for digging up more of the grass….

“Babe,I think we need more gardens.”

He got it!

Like this….

IMG_0286the new herb garden…. yet to be planted….

and this……


This is an area of the backyard.

By the lake.

It’s shady all day.

And quite damp.

to be done in much cooler weather…..

I’m researching plants now.I’m thinking the centerpiece may be another Tree Fern.

Thoughts anyone?

Feel free to jump in with an opinion……

I’m easy……

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

~TheGreatWall Goes Fashionista~

Who knew TheGreatWall was such a trend setter? 

According to the chico’s catalogue,


is the color for fall….image

We’d like to get a jump on the fashion world,and give everyone a sneak preview of our

Fall Collection…….

The Naturals!

paired with green,terra cotta,or beige-

just perfect for everyday!


The Geometrics!

when you want to make a fashion statement…..

when you want to say

Look at me! Here I am!”purple

feeling like a girley-girl? Try…

The Floral Collection!purple

The metallics!

for that special occasion,or an evening out with that certain special someone…purple


The Orchid collection-

perfect for a wedding,a bridal shower,or an afternoon tea party!


 and don’t forget the accessories!purple

We feel like the Faith Popcorn of gardening……

We’ve been doing purple for years.

glad to see the rest of the fashion world is finally catching up…..


Sunday, August 8, 2010

~~~Mustard or Ketchup?~~~

with that dog?


I must say this color combination is really rockin’ my socks,lately!

Actually,it doesn’t take much to rock my socks these days,but that’s just me,

but I digress…..


It just seems to liven up the garden.

After awhile,all the greens and whites,the cool colors,start to be a little boring.

At least to me

Especially in this heat and humidity we’ve been having,lately.You’d think one would gravitate to the greens and whites,but—oh no,not me.


Walking through the garden,I love the contrast of these two colors.

IMG_0198They make each other pop!

Might I be anxiously anticipating the return of the cooler temperatures of Autumn?

You betcha! 

Or,maybe you’d like some relish,along with the mustard and ketchup,on that dog?

hot dog



I prefer just mustard and relish,please….



 With,maybe,just a touch of onion…..

Grilled,steamed in beer,whatever……

as long as it’s a Nathans….


I think I’m hungry…………….

Note:All of the photos of the hot dogs are from Google images.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


According to my Dad,as a baby,those were the first intelligible words I spoke.When I stood up for the very,first time.

It became a family joke whenever I wanted someone to look at something I found.


Earlier,this past spring,my next door neighbor

(who,one day,shall receive his own post)

decided to rid himself,and his yard,of all the gingers,

the previous owner had planted.

(and which I had coveted,for years).

He considered them ugly…..Huh?

Did I want them?

You betcha!


ooky see!



I thank the Gardening Gods for dumb neighbors!


(This last photo was edited in PhotoFiltre)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

~~~Last Night It Rained~~~

Oh,we’ve had the occasional shower here and there.But no real amount of measureable rainfall.And after what seems like weeks of blistering heat(and heat indexes to match),the garden was dying of thirst.And it was starting to show.
But last night,out of the clear blue sky,a strange sound was heard.

Me:”Is that thunder?”
YardBoy:”It’s been thundering for awhile.You haven’t heard it?”
Me:”No-I was inside.In the A/C.Where it’s cool.Is it going to rain?”
YardBoy:”It’ll probably just shower and then move on.If at all.”

Down it came!
Jim Cantore you’re not!)
A real rip-roaring gully washer,as my mother would have called it.
The elves were playing 10 pins in the mountains(her term for thunder) for quite awhile.
The lights were flickering on and off,but then it settled down to an all night steady rain.
First thing,this morning,I was out in the garden.Jammies on,barefoot,camera in hand( a sight to behold,I assure you).
Oh how the garden was rejoicing in last night’s bath.
It always amazes me,how we can hand water and the plants seem to do ok,but let the Heavens open up and the garden just seems to dance with pure joy.
Alive and refreshed….
As perky as perky can be(another one of my mother’s faves)……
Dancing in the morning sun light…..

Momma always knows best……(yep,another phrase I heard over and over,growing up)
Yes,Mother Nature does know best!

Note:This last photo was edited in PhotoFiltre,just because I liked the way it turned out....
        I want to thank Floridagirl for the term "mommerisns"
        I got the idea for the "mommerisms" post from Tootie.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

~~~The Reveal~~~

Here’s what we’ve been working on for the past two weeks.


With the heat and humidity we’ve been having,it was slow going.

With a heat index of “Oh my Gawd! It’s freakin’ hot!

We only worked in the morning before 10AM,and after 5PM. TheShed itself went together quite easily.Once we read the directions…..

The hardest and hottest part was building the platform for it to set on.

Word to the wise-measure twice,and cut once- is always the best advice.

Once that was done, it was kinda,sorta easy.

Just time consuming.The heat and humidity took its toll.

There were quite a few jumps in the pool involved.

The next hardest part was the steps.

IMG_0189 YardBoy,”I don’t do steps.”

Once you get the first row in and level,it just breezes along.The flagstone pathway was also simple.My dad always taught me to get the area level first,and it should be a breeze.And it was.

My potting bench is going to be the old wash tub YardBoy got for $2 at a yard sale!He’s working on a cover from sheet metal.

IMG_0190 Yea YardBoy!

I used old curtain rods,painted with black metal spray paint,for door stops.We,also,need to put up some peg board,to hang small yard tools on.And to mix some sand and old motor oil in a 5 gallon bucket for storing the shovels(another tip from my dad).


We all know how wonderful it is to have have all your gardening supplies/tools in one place!With the well being right next to TheShed,I have water readily available.


Ahhh! The convenience.

I “heart” TheShed!

Now,if I can just keep YardBoy from moving his stuff in…..!


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