"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Death and Devastation Come To The Great Wall !!!

The freeze this past week has brought great sadness to the Great Wall.Not only did we have a frost,but we had a freeze two nights in a row.

So,it is with a heavy heart,we take you on a tour of the Great Wall as it stands today.
This Schefflera is sooo outta here.Never did like it anyway.Can you hear JonJ revving the chain saw?It will be coming down next weekend.I have a plan for that spot.
A banana tree.....(sob).This one actually looks better than the other one.That one is toast!Notice the crotons in the back?
A bougainvillea,by the Cantina.There actually are two of these,but this one looks worse.I love how the blooms are hanging on,though.A good sign?

All the crotons in the yard look like this.Some,actually,are worse.

My beloved Angel's Trumpet plant.That wail you hear is me,throwing myself onto the ground.I have hopes and prayers it will come back. Thankfully,I had taken cuttings,which are now growing blissfully...

One of the many potted plants,in the yard.There were just too many to bring up to the house.So,we had to be selective.This one drew the short straw.

The palms by the pool.They got hit by the freeze last year,and had just come back.I don't know if they'll survive this,though.But one can always hope.We'll just have to wait and see.But the two large Bird's Nest Ferns in the huge oak,made it!!!!! w00t!!!!
The tempatation is there to start clipping and cutting,but,alas,I must have patience.And look forward to planting new and better specimens.

Come on,Spring!!!


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