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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pretty In Pink

It seems like The Great Wall has taken on a pink theme,lately. Impatiens


Pink Polka-Dot




and a Great Wall visitor.........

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

What's Happnin' On The GreatWall......

The Spider Wort plant that we bought at SCCF is blooming. It is not an all day bloom,as it only blooms for a few hours in the morning.

For now,it is still in the pot we bought it in.We're still trying to figure out where we should plant it.It can be propagated by division,and it sometimes reseeds itself,so all things must be taken into consideration.
And,I made a new flower planter.I have instructions here........
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's raining,It's pouring........

Finally!!Rain has come to the GreatWall,and for that matter,all of Florida.That noise you hear is Florida gardeners doing the happy dance!It's only a temporary reprieve from our three year drought,I know,but it is better than nothing.
The great drizzley(is there such a word as drizzley?) rains started the afternoon after we got home from vacation.What a wonderful welcome home that was----I so did not want to water that first day home.

Our flowers and veggies are singing praises to the Heavens.There is nothing like tears from the sky to make a plant jump for joy.Our brown,brittle lawns are turning green and lush.Hand watering just isn't quite the same as rain,some how.
But with the good,comes the bad.The weeds are loving it,too(insert snarling smiley here).I see some serious weeding in my future....

But the veggies are sooooo happy,these days. I just love eggplant!And it's looking like we're gonna have a bumper crop,this year.w00t!!!
I do worry about how the tomatoes are going to adjust to the this sudden change.The temperature has also cooled off to the mid-60's.I worry that they may start splitting....I do worry,I know.

The flowers and plants in the garden look so happy and perky.My hand watering is just not the same,I guess.....Who can blame the plants?Mother Nature always does it better,doesn't she?

And my Horsetail Plant(which is planted in the toilet bowl planter----don't ask....)is the happiest of all.This plant likes wet,soggy soil,but can be quite invasive if left on its own.So,if you have an area with poor drainage,plant it there.BUT,leave it in a container(with the bottom cut out),or else you'll be pulling it out from everywhere,forever).
Excuse me,but I have to go do the happy dance,now..........

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today's Flowers

Crossandra-such a tropical looking plant,isn't it?And so easy to grow.They are constantly reseeding themselves.Love 'em!
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-May,2009

Late to the post as usual,but I'm working on it.I guess I'm still on Island time......

When we returned,after our week on Sanibel Island,the garden had changed so much.Some plants have slowed down in the spring/summer heat of Florida.and others have taken off.
Except for the heat loving veggies(eggplant,pole beans,cucumbers),the veggie garden has started to slow down.Most of the tomato plants have stopped setting fruit.Except for the grape tomatoes,which are bursting forth.They are loving this weather.As are the eggplant.I'm seeing lots of fried eggplant and Eggplant Parmesean in our summer meals.Yum!!!!

When we left,the nasturtiums hadn't even a bud on them,but when we returned they were starting to bloom!
And the canna lilies have all started blooming,which attracts even more hummingbirds to the GreatWall.We love to just sit and watch the hummingbirds,especially in the early morning and late afternoon.......
But the bestest surprise of all,one of the plumeria cuttings is blooming!Frequent readers will already know how we love plumeria,here on the GreatWall.
This one is from a cutting we got on Sanibel Island,last year.You'll notice it has the barest touch of pink on it.The pink is much more noticable on the flowers on the mother plant the cutting came from.At first,we were afraid it was just an inflo,and nothing would come from the buds.We,actually,considered cutting the "inflo" off,but,now,we are so glad we didn't.
And that's what's happening on The GreatWall,this May 15th.This time of year is slow for us Florida gardeners.It gives us time to think and plan for the fall garden.......
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The GreatWall's Vacation

Yep-the GreatWall took some time off,and spent one week on Sanibel Island.soaking up the rays,tossing a line to the fishes,and collecting seashells(some of which will be used as mulch around the potted plants on the GreatWall).
Erich,the Younger,graciously,accepted the task of keeping an eye on the GreatWall.He did his best.Why do we gardeners think that they are the only ones who can tend their gardens?

We had told him he could help himself to whatever veggies were ready,and that he did!He must have eaten well,as there wasn't much left to be picked.He did mention that he ate alot of salads and veggies while we were gone,and everything was delish......But things are starting to blossom again!And we came home the plumeria in bloom,or in bud!The nasturtiums are budding,too!
The eggplants are setting fruit,and the zucchini,yellow squash,beans,peas,and the cucumbers are all growing great guns.We did lose one tomato plant;one is slowing down,but the grape tomato is quite happy these days.

But the the highlight of the trip was a visit to Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation native plant nursery.I cannot say enough about this organization.Not only do they do so much to help the environment(including a sea turtle nesting program.Check out this blog,if you want more info),but they also have a plant nursery,where they sell plants,that are only native to Florida.

I don't know what all of these are,but I want one of each!There was a moment when I thought about if I could ditch the hubs and bring back more stuff,but I didn't.(just kidding.....about the ditching the hubs part)
The propagation area.Actually,this was quite interesting.Even more interesting was the fact they have interns there,who explain what each area is,etc.Definitely not like a big-box store.These people know their stuff,and are quite happy to talk about the plants,and their growth needs.

The area on the left(which is covered with screen)is the area where they are keeping plants for sale,which butterflies love.Just behind it is the area where they keep the same plants that the butterflies are allowed to play with.This way,the plants are pretty and the butterflies are happy,too.Pretty neat idea!

In the gift shop,I did buy a book on Florida Native Plants.I find it a good beach read,and I'm still poring over it. I love this book!!!!

I did buy a plant.Yes,it was more $$$ than I wanted to spend($2.50 for a 4" pot),but it does go to a worthwhile organization.All the money they make off of the nursery goes to education,the interns salaries,and to further the sea turtle nesting program.I just thiought I'd rather spend the money that way,than at some big-box store where it all goes to corporate profit.

Anywho.....the person who takes a picture of everything and anything that stays still long enough to have it's picture taken,totally forgot to take a picture of the plant tag. I think it's a SpiderWort,but I'm not sure.Thoughts?Anyone?Feel free to jump in........

And that was our vacation.
Kinda-sorta.Did other things.Had great times with great friends,etc......Something we look forward to doing,at least twice a year.The next time can't come soon enough,that's for sure.But for now,it's back to gardening.And giving thoughts to the fall garden.
But,for now,we leave you with why we loves this place.How could you not,when this is outside your front door?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Veggies,Flowers,Critters and Vacation

There has been a flurry of activity around the GreatWall,this past week.In spite of our on going drought and heat,everything has decided to bloom or ripen.
The mini pineapple is the one that grew in spite this past winter's freezes.It never really grew into any appreciable size,but still it grew!The rest of the veggies went into a large salad,for dinner last night.Along with ribeye steaks on the grill.But I digress.
This has been our best year for lettuce,tomatoes,onions and cucumbers that we can remember.We're not sure if it is because we were forced into container gardening,or what .....
Along with the veggie garden,all the flowers are blooming,too.
Jon's rose garden is beautiful and so fragrant,this year.We're wondering if it is the heat and drought?Whatever it is,the roses are abundant this year.
This is my favorite of the roses.It reminds me of an old fashioned type rose my mother used to grow.It has a very soft,pretty scent.
The daylilies are the best they have been in a long,long time.
And this morning,the critters were out in abundance!
Dragon flies,bees,and butterflies.Oh my!

And,one of the contraband plumeria cutting has set buds!I have always been told that it takes two years for a cutting to produce blooms,but this seems determined to bloom.I'm not sure if it's set real buds,or just an inflo.Time will tell. Hopefully,it will be a real bud.
We're finding all this activity,in the garden,kind of ironic.As we're getting ready for our semi-annual journey to the land of fishing,shelling,gentle waves lapping on the beach,and good times with good friends.We also have plans to visit the Native Plant Nursery at SCCF.
Yep!The GreatWall is going on vacation!
We have enlisted Erich,the Younger,to come by,everyday,and check on the GreatWall,and harvest the veggies(I'm sure he'll put them to good use) and water anything in need of watering.
Sooo,it is now time to trade the trowel and gardening gloves for suntan lotion,fishing poles,and a shell bag...........
If we don't respond to your comments,it's because we're on a beach somewhere.
We're outta here.............................
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