"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Monday, November 21, 2011



Everyday,I try to find at least one thing in my life I am grateful for,but this week,especially,is the time when we all look at our lives and give thinks for all of our blessings.

~ The garden ~
I am ever so grateful that when TheOak went over,it went in the direction it did.
IMG_3037 IMG_3033 - Copy
It may have taken out the pool,the shade garden and left me with a barren desert,but,at least it didn’t destroy the house or any human -YardBoy had just been walking under there.They say things happen for a reason.Now,we are getting a new pool,and I have the chance to grow new plants.Ones I have never been able to grow,before,as there was just way too much shade and not enough sun.I look forward to starting anew.It’s exciting.
We have a new Sweet Gum tree …
…that will provide shade and beautiful,colorful foliage next Fall.

The plants that survived are now putting on a splendid show.
Just in time for Thanksgiving.

~ Home ~
No,my house isn’t a mansion.But it’s finally the way I want it to be…well,almost.A new kitchen would be nice…The roof is brand new.The pool is almost finished.It will be screened in,which will give me an area to display the orchids and bromeliads.

~ Family ~
I am grateful that both of my sons have grown into wonderful men.Both have strong,beautiful,loving women in their lives.And both complete this family.
We love them both to death.

…Kyle,Gina,and Emma…
‘nough said…
Though my Dad has rapidly deteriorated,this past few months,I am ever so grateful to be able to spend one more Thanksgiving with him.

There are many things I don’t have,and wish that I did,but they are just that.

This Thanksgiving,I realize just how much there is in my life to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pleasant Surprises…

While checking out the progress on the pool….




…imagine my delight,to find a few pleasant surprises.


This Camellia,which I had been training to grow into tree form,was left in full sun.

…when TheOak went down…

I was convinced it was a goner for sure.


But it hung in there.


And to my pleasant surprise,I found this…


Not only was it covered in concrete spray,but it also is covered in buds…


…and a bloom….


Covered in concrete spray,but still beautiful.


And the Angel’s Trumpets may be covered with the same concrete spray,but they are,again,proving their toughness.


And the Thyrallis may be half covered with dirt,but it’s hanging in there.

And the Gerberas….




I’m starting to think the garden likes me.

I feel like the plants are saying,”We like you,lady.We can take it.We’re there for you.We know it’s gonna get much better around here.”



it is!


…Tomorrow,we pick out the tile…


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Please Excuse Our Mess While We’re Under Construction…

Yep,it’s a muddy,dirty mess around here…
The Angel’s Trumpets are still hanging in there.
A big hand for the pool people,please…They’re trying to save them.
So far,so good…

Old pool out…
Lot’s of muck and deep ruts in the lawn…

But,it got better…

and even better,still…
The raised portion is for the new water wall…


In the deep end,you can see the new plumbed main drain.As opposed to the circular type drain we are used to,today’s building code calls for a channel-type main drain.To keep the concrete from entering the dirt in the walls,behind the rebar is a mesh reinforced with a plastic backed fabric ,which will eventually disintegrate.

…There is a light at the end of this tunnel…

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Moment of Sadness,Please….

for the Angel’s Trumpets….

After over five years of growing by the pool,
they shall give way to the back-hoe…..
Almost,as if they know their demise is imminent,they are putting on quite the show….
Kinda like going out in a blaze of glory….
But not to worry,
in anticipation of this,
cuttings were taken,and have already rooted and are growing blissfully away.

Now,I’m looking forward to the

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Today,it begins….

The pool reconstruction,that is.
Yep,the pool people showed up to sink the well points that will encircle the old pool.

There are 8 wells sunk,into the ground,encircling the old pool.They are there to pump the ground water(they hit ground water at less than 2 feet!) away from the shell of the old pool.
And will be pumping until the new new pool is formed.

I think TheGreatWall has shifted from gardening mode to construction mode.

Which is where TheGreatWall got its start.

Gardens always come full circle,don’t they?

Landscaping plans are already in the works…

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Fall Veggie Garden….

It has been with great anticipation that this gardener has been looking forward to Autumn,and the return to growing vegetables.

With the cooler weather we’ve been having,lately,the Fall vegetable garden has taken off.



Broccoli is already setting heads….


Lettuce and Collards are growing out of control…

Not that we’re complaining,mind you.We’ve really missed home grown veggies.


Not to mention turnips,of which,I forgot to take a photo.


The first of the green beans are starting to put in an appearance.


Some were snatched off the vine,already.

Not mentioning any names,but…ahem…YardBoy springs to mind.

The first of the tomatoes are setting fruit…


This season I’m trying only heirloom types.Lately,heirlooms have proven the most successful at TheGreatWall,so this season,I’m going strictly with heirloom types.This one is a heat tolerant type (Solar I think it is called.Meant to be planted earlier).Hopefully,all the other types I’m trying will perform as well.

Cucumbers have shown up,to join the party,too…


Already,we have had two crops of radishes.

And,fingers crossed,but I think this Fall,I may,finally,be successful with Acorn Squash.


I have been experimenting with helping the pollination process along.

Me and my paint brush can be found in the garden,many mornings…

So far,I think I have three Acorn Squash growing,successfully.


Tonight,we shall be having a fresh green salad,from the garden,with a Balsamic dressing,


Lemon Chicken Soup with Spaghetti.

The recipe can be found here.





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