"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Monday, April 18, 2011


“A good neighbor is a fellow who smiles at you over the back fence, but doesn't climb over it.”
………Arthur Baer


We all got ‘em.

Some we love.

Some we really don’t care for.

For whatever reason.

On one side,I have neighbors who are the best.Love gardening and learning more about gardening.The nicest and friendliest people ever.

On the other side,I have a neighbor who is the nicest person in the world.

He’d give you the shirt off his back.

Whenever you need anything,he’s the first one there to help.

But he’s kinda na├»ve

(nooo……he’s stupid!)

when it comes to gardening and invasive species.

This is the same guy who gave me this….

pinecone ginger

Pine Cone Ginger

because he didn’t like the way it looked in his yard.


He has this growing in his yard….


See how large it is in relation to the Norfolk Island Pines?

And the 50 year old Florida Oak branches,on the left?

Which he is convinced is a Jacaranda.

Sorry,but it’s an Ear Pod Tree,Elephant Ear Tree or Monkey Ear Tree.

Enterolobium cyclocarpum.

What ever you chose to call it.

It is considered an invasive species,in Florida.

But he is convinced it is a Jacaranda.

Jacarandas wouldn’t leave this in my yard….


Multiplied by hundreds,I pick this many up.


Mowing becomes even more of a chore with these.

They certainly don’t help my hating-mowing-thing I have going on.

Not to mention the large branches that fall into the yard,after every summer rain.

But then,he hands me this,saying,”I have way too many of these.Do you want this?”


A Hidden Ginger


Curcoma petiolata


You betcha,I’ll take that.

back to raking up Elephant Ear Tree pods…..




Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Gotz A Bluebird!


When I moved the big plant container further out into the yard,


I left the tray behind.I couldn’t move both,as they were too heavy.I ended up putting some of the large rocks,the County gave me,under the tray,and setting the tray on them.Thinking it might become yard art.

You know I love my yard art…

Fast forward to today..

While laying the new sod,in the front yard,I kept noticing this little bird flitting back and forth to the tray…

(which had become filled with water from the sprinklers).


“What kind of bird is that?” I wondered….

I’m not too bird savvy….

It didn’t seem to be afraid of me,so I ran and got the camera,and snapped away.


But still,I wanted to know.

What was it?

I know….

I’ll call Dad.

He’ll know….

I call and describe the bird.

Without thinking,he says,”It sounds like an Eastern Bluebird.It’s probably a juvenile.It’s that time of year.”

Hmmmm…I’ll look it up.Just to make sure.


He was right!

Juvenile Eastern Bluebird!






I gotz a Bluebird!

without even trying….

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Be forewarned-this is a photo heavy post

After finding three infestations of Lubber nymphs,yesterday I bought Nolo Bait and applied it.Now that,that is done and traps are set(Info on that can be found here.)it was time to sit back and watch the Lubbers cannibalize themselves.Who knew they were that way?


Can you hear my maniacal laughter?

Only a gardener could take such great delight in murdering a creature like that….

I cannot wait to come home and find Lubbers eating each other!

While I was waiting,and anticipating,the carnivorous action that is yet to be,I thought it would be good to catch the back garden in the late afternoon/early evening sun .Though the garden always seems to photograph much better in the early morning,I was interested to see what the camera could capture in the late afternoon sun.

After the County removed the four cypress trees,TheGreatWall is in full sun almost all day.It has been a learning experience seeing the changes in the garden.Plants have had to be moved to shadier locations.Containers have to be watered more often.

But,most of all,I wanted to see how the late afternoon sun reflected off the plants….

A Canna leaf….


What’s that in the lower left corner?


Peace Lily bloom….


Angel’s Trumpet….


Turk’s Cap


Day Lily


Crape Honeysuckle looks almost psychedelic reflected in the late afternoon sun.


Blue eyed grass


Love Grass


Banana leaf


Canna bloom


Holly Fern


Spanish Moss


Australian Tree Fern


Container on the path-to-no-where…


til the week end,

Happy gardening!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lovin’ On The Veggies,and Oh !@#$ !

After work,I’m out admiring the garden.

Just lovin’ on the way the plantings and the veggies are loving new clay-ee soil the county left us.

Tomatoes for days….


This spring,I’m growing Galinas,Cherokee Purple, and Brandywine.All heirlooms.


Never had so many this early…Thank you Hillsborough County.

After amending the soil with peat moss and manure,it has been the best! Holds moisture perfectly.

I could get spoiled….

Lettuce is beautiful…


As is the Swiss Chard…


The Pole Beans have out grown their trellises…


I have left the pathway between the raised beds as Hillsborough County left it.

Compacted clay.


So far,it has worked out well.Water runs off.Weeds are very minimal.

Gotta love it.

Wait a doggone minute!

What the !@#$ is that?


Time to get out the big guns….


Wasp/Hornet spray and spray lacquer work great when they’re this size.Plus,it’s fun watching them stiffen from the lacquer and try to get away from the hornet spray,and they can’t….the reason the photo is blurry….I’m laughing ……bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Really.They do.Any bigger,no way.

Off to check Miss Emma’s Garden and the Queen Emma Crinum.


So far,all is well.



be forewarned.

You touch Miss Emma’s Garden - I swear I will bring out the big guns!


Tomorrow,I buy Nolo Bait.



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This Gardener Is Smiling….

After the work day,

which is spent indoors,

it is gratifying to come home to the garden.

Hurriedly,change into gardening clothes,camera in one hand,glass of Merlot in the other,and head out to the garden.

Which is what I did,today…

Sunny,breezy,high 70’s,nary a cloud in the sky.

All work day cares quickly fell to the wayside….

Signs of Spring/Summer were all around.

The Australian Tree Fern made it through the winter without a blemish….


The first day lily bud is getting ready to blossom…..


Much earlier than last year.

The first Canna bud has formed….


Also,much earlier than last year.

The first bud on the Lisanthus….


An Anole protecting the plumeria…


The first Caladium has pushed its way through…


The earliest I have ever seen that happen.

A Monarch butterfly on a Penta.IMG_1685

A Red Drift Rose….



Another orchid is blooming…


The red bench is done and in place,in the front garden…


My painting technique was to hold a spray can of bronze primer in one hand,and a spray can of red paint in the other,and spray away.Not too complicated…

It,almost,matches the red of the front doors.


I think it needs a planter setting on it.

All of these brought a smile to my face,today,

but there is one thing that makes me break out into a silly grin.

From ear to ear.

Actually, a chuckle….


a laugh!

A true sign of Spring/Summer in Florida.

The first hot babe in a bathing suit,relaxing on a hot,sunny day in the pool….





Emma says Happy Return to Spring/Summer!

















Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Front and Back Are Done,and duck sex….

Some tweaking needs to be done,but for intents and purposes the front is almost done…The third landing area is finished..


and a planter with red Suntunia’s (easily replaced with the seasons)was added.

Why red? I want to tie everything into our red front doors.


I found a metal bench at Home Goods,on clearance (yea!) ,which I intend to spray paint red and add to the front garden,under the Florida Maples.



I have decided to enlarge the garden at the foot of the driveway,and add more Love Grass…


Have I said that I heart Love Grass?

The back side garden is done!

for now…

We started with this…


and ended with this…


The only plantings I bought were another Tea Olive and some annuals for a border.Everything else came from divisions or plants I had stored  on the the other side of the yard

.I did add Love Grass to the mix.

Just cuz I love Love Grass!

Now,for the dirty,sexy part….The good stuff!

If you have young children,you might wanna cover their eyes.

If you don’t,don’t blame me.

You were forewarned…

A commotion on the water!

What could it be?

O M G !!

It’s Muskovee Ducks doing the mating dance!

Fighting it out…

they sooo won’t pose when they’re duking it out over a lady…


I think he won…


cleaning up ‘fore he hooks up…

and the lady swims up to the winner!!!


she probably ain’t worth it…just sayin’

Not to be overshadowed,the Skinks had to get into the act….



TheGreatWall may become known as a porn sight!




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