"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sometimes,the best laid plans….

Go out the window.

Originally,the plan was to plant the fall vegetable garden next weekend.Seeds were bought.Tomatoes have been started and are ready to go in.

The covered beds have heated up well –maintained a consistent temperature of 107*- and are ready.

But then,Mother Nature threw we Florida gardeners,this curve ball….


If we get to vote….

,me…I’m voting for the purple line ….


the plumeria are all covered in buds….


…I guess the veggie garden will have to wait another week…

So,today was spent cleaning up overgrown,weedy flower beds…



And cutting up brush,etc.

But then the chain saw died!


So,this week will be spent buying a new chain saw,filling up the extra propane tanks and gas tanks,and buying water…

Gardening in Florida,during hurricane season.



gotta love it!


Dad is hanging in there.He gets angry and can be difficult to deal with.His TV went out,and I had to buy him a new one.After numerous instructions and phone calls,too numerous to count,he,finally,has it down.Sometimes,I think the onset of senile dementia is worse than the dementia,itself.He is aware of what it happening,and isn’t dealing with it well.To see someone,that used to be so aware of life,sink into that long good-bye is not easy.

But,on a brighter note.I got the call.”Can you babysit,while we go on a date night?”

Are you kidding me?

What time should I be there?

Miss Emma,after dinner,with smidgens of squash still on her face…


and cooking breakfast,for me and Gina…




….life is good….


Jane said...

I vote for the purple line, too!!!
We're just praying for no storms during our stay in St A...the first week of Sept.

Understand your thoughts of "dealing with dad". My mom is in a similar state. It's difficult, yet a part of life. At 92, she's done remarkably well...It's sad to see this vibrant woman fade away...
Jane (artfully graced)

Gayle said...

Another vote for the purple line!! While your Fall gardens may be delayed at least you get to have them. I'm preparing for snow. A very depressing time of year for a gardener.

There are no words to describe the pain of seeing a loved one change. I hope you have many more good days together.

Susan said...

Those big blue eyes are stunning! I'm sure babysitting was the highlight of your weekend.

I'm voting for the purple line, too, but a little rain would be nice. Your summer garden is looking lush.

NanaK said...

Oh those blue eyes! So cute.

You sound very organized with your veggie garden plans. Sure hope you get the chance to plant soon.

Go purple line!

iLoveShelling said...

What a lovely blog! I've got a dark chocolate brown thumb but I have great respect for pretty gardens and people who care for them. Oh yeah, and I vote for the purple line too in hopes that it curves more to the right. My family is in Va Beach!


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