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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sometimes Things Go Full Circle…..

In the light of day,things tend to look different.

Looking back on yesterday,I realize things could have turned out a whole lot different.

Just 30 minutes before the tree fell,YardBoy and a friend were moving the canoe…(I finally convinced him to sell that thing!).

But,today,has brought a new light to TheGreatWall.

In the light of day,the tree/pool look like this….





more cracks are showing up as time goes on.

Adjusters have been here.

Estimates made,




So,today,is a time for counting our blessings


Miss Emma’s Garden survived….


but will need to be removed,temporarily.


And Dad’s orchids were truly blessed…


Can you believe the branches missed them?

…but most other plants will be lost….

no time to remove those before the tree removal.


The poor La Toilette planter took a hit….


But,thankfully,isn’t broke.

Nor,is froggie who sits,contemplating,on the bowl.


Sorry,but I love,love,love that darnn planter!

The tree root ball and the rest of the tree are due to be removed Thursday.

The pool will have to be demo’d and replaced

(waterfall…?… all the family is kicking in with suggestions already…),

so plantings need to be removed,


More retaining walls?

Guess there is gonna be a total reworking of TheGreatWall

Interestingly enough,this blog was started to keep family and friends up to date with the renovations,here…

Well,here we go again!

It’s gonna be one Hell of a ride!




Ami said...

Wow, was that an oak tree? How did it suddenly fall? Tree removal, demo and redoing a pool, remove a garden.... Sounds like a lot of work and money too! I guess the bright side of it is you got to redesign your pool and garden. Take care and keep us updated with the progress.

Susan said...

Well, at least you're going to get a nice new pool out of it. Amazing!

Floridagirl said...

Wow, you are very lucky that no one was hurt. Glad your Dad's orchids were safe. The planter? hmmmm.... LOL. Hope your insurance covers all the expense. Can't wait to see your redesign. We have an enormous old oak tree only about 15 feet from the edge of the pool. Scares me to death to think it might come down some day.


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