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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

TheGreatWall Has Caladiums,Too~~~~

Since all the other Florida garden bloggers are showing off  their caladiums,we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon,too.

Actually,they’re the only thing going great guns right now,in the garden.

I don’t count the weeds and the ant hills,of which I now have an abundance.

Anyone else have that problem?


for your perusal,

here are the caladiums of TheGreatWall….

Some,I have no idea of their name.I usually buy them just because I like them,and they fit the area they’re going to be planted in.

This one,I have had forever,and have no idea what it’s name is.I just know it keeps coming back year after year..


Miss Muffet and an unknown cultivar in a container,by the pool..IMG_2886

Another unknown,in a container,in the shade garden.This one is quite prolific,and is definitely a keeper.Does anyone have the name?IMG_2894

More shade garden…

I think this one is Candidum Senior….IMG_2895

Candyland and Freida HempleIMG_2887

Miss MuffetIMG_2889


Raspberry Moon…IMG_2890

The following I have no idea of their name,but I like them.

And they grow.

What more could a gardener ask for?





More Freida HempleIMG_2897


Amidst the heat and humidity of a Florida summer,this gardener is thankful for caladiums.

For the color they bring to the garden.


….But I am looking forward to the color of mums and marigolds of the Autumn garden….

Was it that long ago we were looking forward to the Spring/Summer garden?



Floridagirl said...

I've been musing the idea of a caladium post myself...for the same reason you mentioned. You do have a huge collection. I love that strapleaf in your first photo, and of course, I see you have my fave caladium of all, Gingerland. Love that one!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I am really enjoying these caladium posts. You have a wonderful collection. I have two kinds right now and am enjoying them.

Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

shannonseibel said...

You have beautiful flower!

Susan said...

Like you...I don't know the names of most of my caladiums especially since I've had many of them for so long. They are a wonderful summer plant that transforms a shade garden and well worth their cost. You've got a great selection going on in your garden.

NanaK said...

You have a great collection of caladiums. I forget the names of mine too and usually am wrong about the name when I think I do remember it. Whatever they are named, they are a great addition to a Florida garden in summer.


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