"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Fall Veggie Garden~~~

Now,that I’m over my case of lazy-itis

(or ADD),

this weekend it was time to get a start on the fall veggie garden.

Between the rain showers,

and the heat,

and the humidity,

two beds were uncovered

 (three beds were left for next weekend),


and planted with beans,peas,lettuce (Mesclun and a Lettuce Mix-one row of each),and radishes.

Also,planted was a Heirloom tomato(a heat tolerant Brandywine)

and a red bell pepper.

Because,the seedlings are not ready to go into the ground,I went ahead and bought them already started.


…Gotta get a head start…

Plus,I’m missing homegrown tomatoes!

Next weekend,carrots,collards,turnips,and squash will be planted.

Hopefully,the tomatoes I started from seed will be ready.

I,also,ordered garlic

(gonna give garlic a try,against my Dad’s advice.”I’ve never had luck with it.I don’t think it grows well in Florida,but you go ahead and try it,if you want to.”….)

and shallots.

I finally got around to moving the huge Staghorn Fern that fell down.


It took me over an hour to drag it to the back!

Let me tell ya-it was heavy!

No,I didn’t saw it up-just because I didn’t have any energy left-

But,I probably will.

And start a whole lot of new ones from this one.

But,it left me with a blank space.

…Dontcha just love blank spaces in the garden?…

For now,a container was moved to that area.


It doesn’t do much to fill it in,


it’s better than nothing….

And the Yellow Top,flaveria linearis,that I bought here, is getting ready to bloom!



This week,is Miss Emma’s first birthday!

She certainly has come a l-o-n-g way…

… from this….


to this….



Soooo,this week will be spent bringing some Autumn to Her Garden…

I’m thinking I some Angel’s Tears

 ---appropriate,dontcha think?---

will be added,

and some Gerberas….

red/garnet-for FSU---for her Momma

yellow-for USF---for me

orange-for UF---for her Uncle Erich


…..Gotta give her choices…..


…a girl must have choices,right?…

1 comment:

Susan said...

I can't believe Miss Emma is a year old already. She's growing just like her garden.

I wondered why I never see anyone growing garlic in Fla. I'll be watching to see how your does. Good luck!


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