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Saturday, January 7, 2012

We Survived…

…the first,

and hopefully,

the last freeze of the winter…


I didn’t cover anything.Call it laziness,not enough time,Dad--always blame everything on your parents,right?--or too much going on in the yard…

…but I left everything to chance.

OK-I had hopes…




Today,was the first chance I had to get into the garden and really inspect how things fared.

I was pleasantly surprised.

The damage was,for the most part,hit-or-miss.There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.


Needless to say,the self sown impatiens,that I let grow,are mush.That’s one way of ridding the garden of them,right?


This Brandywine tomato may be done for…


The green peppers,beans,and cucumbers are goners…

Even though it was protected by the collards,this hot banana pepper took a hit.


While a sweet banana pepper right next to it,has not a bit of damage.


Sweet v. Hot?

Sweet always wins…

Cabbage and broccoli did just fine…



As did the lettuce…


and the turnips and collards sailed right through.


Even though it is out in the open,totally unprotected,the largest Queen Emma only has some damage…


The three pups were protected in the garden shed.


The lone surviving Australian Tree Fern

(the other was lost when TheTree went down)

seems to be unscathed,while a banana,next to it,is damaged.


While the impatiens are mush,all the plantings in the container…which I forgot to water…are just fine.


and a Caladium?


Go figure….


My Dad’s orchids,which made it through TheTree drama unscathed,and were then hidden in the only shady spot left in the yard,were brought into the laundry room.

They had buds on them!

Today they came out to enjoy their new home on new screened porch lanai…I’m working on the calling-it-a-lanai thing…



Not too shoddy for being close to 60 years old…

We should all look that good,right?


Speaking of the new screened porch lanai.


Should be totally done,this week.



Can’t wait!

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Gayle said...

When my stuff freezes it is supposed to as it indicates the end of summer. If I lived where you do I'd be totally pissed to have plants freeze. The lanai is awesome, can't wait to see shots of you all in the pool!


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