"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let The “Fun” Begin…

Now that the pool has passed all inspections and it is ours,to have and to hold,
and take care of
…it is time to begin the putting back of the gardens.
I figured I would start out easy.
work my way slowly,back into gardening shape
So what looked like this…
It would make a good Croquet field,or Bocce court,wouldn’t it?

Now,looks like this…
Plants used: 1.Blue Sage (from a cutting from Meems)
                    2.Camellia sasanqua
                    3.Banana-I forget what variety this is,but it’s a miniature.Grown for foliage,only.
                    5.Cassia senna
                    6.Indian Hawthorne-I have started using these wherever there is a curve in the garden.They seem to take the beating from hoses,etc.much better than anything else.
…and this…

Plants used: 1.Agapanthus
                    2.Blackberry Lily
                    3.Indian Hawthorne-the curve
                    4.a container that had been shoved to the back of the shadiest part of the yard.Just for surviving I figured it needed a place to shine.
                    5.Ti plant
             6.Angel’s Trumpet-this plant has survived the most any plant can.Back-hoes,graders,a freeze,and,yet,it is still thriving.The pool contractor actually admonished his workers,”Watch that plant!It’s a survivor.” And all the workers were so good about it.I Red heart those guys!
             7.Butterfly garden-pentas,Tampa Vervain,Mexican Heather,daylilies.Already the bees and butterflies are back!
The entire garden is interspersed with Giant Liriope,which had been dug up and sat in pots for all these months.All of the plants are ones that were moved after TheTree went down.I bought nothing,except for organic garden soil,and new Eucalyptus mulch.I have found that wherever I use Eucalyptus mulch the bugs stay away.Especially the lubbers!
{In the veggie garden I use Melaluca mulch.Both are environmentally friendly-especially the Melaluca mulch-,organic,and don’t float.The Melaluca mulch almost forms a mat,which keeps almost all of the weeds out.}
This area is semi-shady,right now.When summer arrives,this area should receive shade,or,at least,diffused sun,in the afternoon,from the screened lanai.
The stones that are there,are just to mark the border of this garden.Sod still needs to be brought in…I ain’t doing that!…
I realize how out of gardening shape I have become.After two days of digging,planting,raking,spreading mulch,my back hurts,my thighs hurt,my hips hurt,my shoulders hurt…you get my drift…
So,now,excuse me while I enjoy this….
and maybe a football playoff game or two..
‘cause I still have to tackle the rebuilding of TheGreatWall.
Any volunteers?
I thought so….


Gayle said...

Seriously? If that is "taking it slow" I can't imagine what your fast mode is. That is amazing. What a job you did. You deserve several days to enjoy beer by the pool.

Susan said...

Glad to see you're pool project is done. Your new garden bed looks great but you didn't show us any pics of your new pool. Come on...do a post on the pool, too!

NanaK said...

It's all looking great Chris! How nice that you were able to save all those plants and reuse them. With the mild weather and spring right around the corner they should be filling out their beds quickly.

Unknown said...

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