"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coming Home….

When you come home,there is always that period of adjustment.
There is always that thought,”I’ve been away sooo long…

What’s happened in my absence?

What if there are changes?

Will I like them?”


Yessiree Bob !

The pool is

What started out as this…
IMG_3033 - Copy

Is now this….
And this…

Even sunbathing frog likes his new home….

After removing some contractor dirt,putting down pine bark mulch,
and returning containers to their rightful place,
it’s starting to look more like home…
Orchids and broms are where they should be…

Poor,poor containers.

They had been shoved to the shadiest part of the yard.
And had been quite ignored.
Actually,alot ignored…


After some fresh potting soil,
a nice drink,
a little grooming,
and a pep talk from me,

“You’re gonna like it here.Really.You will.”

I think they’ll be happy in their new home…

Pots really do need a nice cleaning…


if you wanna find me these days,
I’ll be looking at this….
I love the waterfall!!!!!!!!! 


I still have this to deal with…
Wanna help?

…I thought that would be your answer…

Special thanks go out to Erich,the Younger,for moving all of the containers,for me.
And to Michael,the Elder,and Dawn,for the lanai-warming gift of the candle…..
Love,love,love you guys!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow, what a lovely difference and I think working on the barren area won't be so bad knowing you have that lovely retreat awaiting you inside the screened area.

Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

Gayle said...

I think for awhile you should just stay in the lanai and enjoy the waterfall/pool. Don't even look in the direction of the "work" you have yet to do and just enjoy yourself. It will be waiting.

Ami said...

Congratulations!!! That is a lovely lanai and beautiful pool! I love that waterfall too! You must enjoy your new lanai so much, and those containers will love their new home too. Good luck with those new gardening project, I am sure we will see an oasis in and outside of lanai.


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