"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What Is A Gardener ?

Many,many things.

Oh sooo many,many things!

We come in all shapes and sizes.

Races and religions.

As do our gardens.

"Those who labour in the earth are the chosen people of God ."

- Thomas Jefferson

Just as much as one who farms large acreage,an urban lot,anyone who has ever tended a house plant,in a lonely little pot,is a gardener..It doesn’t seem to matter what race,religion,country of origin,political viewpoint…..we gardeners all share certain traits.Things that makes us all the same.

And these traits set us gardeners apart from the rest….

“Your first job is to prepare the soil.
The best tool for this is your neighbor's garden tiller.
If your neighbor does not own a garden tiller, suggest that he buy one.”
-Dave Barry

Gardeners are sharing.If you admire a plant in their garden… ”Go ahead,take a cutting.”  They will share the bounty of the vegetable garden with friends and neighbors. This one can sometimes work in reverse.”No,I don’t need       any  more  Zucchini!”

"A garden is never so good as it will be next year."-- Thomas Cooper

Gardeners are never satisfied. ”That plant will look much better over there.”

”You know what would look good?”

“In the spring,
at the end of the day,
you should smell like dirt.”
-Margaret Atwood

Gardeners always have dirty fingernails and feet.And they couldn’t be happier. A good nail brush,strong soap, and a pumice stone are their best friends.A gardener finds the smell of compost as beautiful as the finest perfume.

“I am not a greedy person except
about flowers and plants,
and then I become fanatically greedy.”
- May Sarton

Gardeners are lustful.If they see a plant in another’s garden,they must have it.If it’s not possible to have a cutting,they’ll search high and low for it.Spend hours on the internet looking for a source.They have to have it.It is the one plant that will finally make their garden complete,…‘til the next one comes along.

"Gardening is the purest of human pleasures." -- Francis Bacon

Gardeners are content with just hearing the birds visit their garden and hearing their song.Who else could find relaxation wandering their garden,in the evening,beverage of choice-mine’s Merlot- in hand,taking in and relishing all their hard work?Watching the butterflies flit.Humming birds.Dragon flies darting around,eating those pesky mosquitoes.That’s all it takes for a gardener to think,”Life is good.”

Gardeners think gardening tools are the perfect gift.Note to family-I really want a rain barrel and a gardening cart(Home Depot has the one I want,for $69),for Christmas.Seriously,I do!

Gardeners are avid readers.Of other garden blogs.You have a gardening blog?We’ll read it.We don’t care what Zone you live in,what country you’re in,what continent you live on..We’re gonna read it.Might get an idea or two…you never know.

“In the end, there is really nothing more important
than taking care of the earth
and letting it take care of you.”
- Charles Scott

Gardeners are nurturers.Of their plants.”Whattya mean you have a sore throat?My Bird-of-Paradise might freeze.Go gargle with salt water.””Laundry?I have to water the garden,fer cryin’ out loud.”

“The trouble with gardening is that is does not remain an avocation.
It becomes an obsession.”-
Phyllis McGinley

Gardeners have no will power.If a gardener is in any nursery or big box gardening center,we will bring something home.We’ll find a place for that plant.Even if we have to dig up more yard to accommodate it.

“Growth takes time. Be patient.
And while you're waiting, pull a weed.”
- Emilie Barnes

Gardeners are helpful.What gardener hasn’t gone anywhere,seen a weed and reached down to pull it out?

“Who has learned to garden
who did not at the same time learn to be patient? "
- H. L. V. Fletcher

Gardening teaches patience.Haven’t we all felt that feeling of waiting to see if the seeds we planted will sprout.Will the garden return after the cold of winter?Will that plant survive after we have moved it for the umpteenth time?Will it all look right,in the end?Just the way we planned?


I'm not really a career person.
I'm a gardener, basically.

- George Harrison



Floridagirl said...

Great post! It all rings true. That nurturer part made me laugh. Haha! Wish I could've protected my birds somehow last winter! And I'm right there with George Harrison. I'm really just a gardener in the end.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

That is a great post, and makes one feel good to be a gardener. :-)


NanaK said...

We are all so different, yet the same aren't we? The contented feeling while strolling the garden in the morning or evening gives way to the discontentment over the weather, the insects, or the way a certain flower bed just doesn't look like the plan in our head. But in the end, we love it all.

Deborah said...

Oh how I LOVE this!!! Love your wit and all the quotes. What a fantastic post. Delightful. **blows kisses** Deb

Ami said...

Great post that made me smile! YES, I do love the smell of compost, and even the manure, LOL! I used to love cloth and shoes shopping, and now I enjoy the plants shopping much more! Last weekend, I went to Macy's, and felt so tiring to look through the cloth racks, and ended leaving without buying anything. This is definitely not the case if I go to a nursery. Something must come home with me :)

Susan said...

LOL...Oh, how your post resonates with me. We gardeners are an odd bunch, but I wouldn't want to be anything else. Great post, Chris!

Tootie said...

Your post makes me remember the time we passed by some beautiful plants at Tahitian Gardens Farmer's Market because you said, too expensive. But in the end we had to go back, you asked, do you think I should get it and all it took was, yes I do, and it was a done deal. :) It was just to pretty to pass up. I hope it is still thriving!


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