"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Total Disruption……

on the gardening front,this past week.

First off,the Rays were in the playoffs,and we had tickets to the first game!


we were soooo going to that.

Third base line,

over the Rangers’(boooooo)dugout,

eight rows up!

Yep,we sprung for the good seats!

YardBoy:”That’s Nolan Ryan right in front of us!You see him?”

Me:”Who’s Nolan Ryan?”

YardBoy:”Are you kidding me?”

YardBoy is a total baseball freak.

Do NOT ever ask him about how he struck out Wade Boggs in JV baseball.

He STILL lives for that moment….



Didja ever notice how CrackerJacks,peanuts,and hot dogs taste better at a baseball game?

The remainder of the week was spent refreshing the containers,pruning,fertilizing,etc….




I love this grass!It so reminds me of Autumn.

Especially when it is contrasted against the Cordyline…IMG_0613Today,the Rays won,to bring the best of five series back to Tampa Bay.

If they win,we may be going back,and the garden may have to wait…… 


.(but,the hot dogs are good…)



NanaK said...

Great ballpark shots. We are BIG baseball fans and Rays are our team, of course. We haven't made any post-season games but the TV has been our friend. Enjoy the games.

Your containers are looking very fallish. Love those blue pots.

Deborah said...

Awe, glad you had such a good weekend! I am a bit envious that you can plant already. It is supposed to heat up here again. Maybe by Halloween I can put in fall flowers. Yours are beeeeeutiful. **kisses** Deb

Gayle said...

Hey, I still live for the moment when I made the winning shot in a basketball game to win a tournament. Sometimes it's all we got.....

Garden looks great...so much color.

Susan said...

Sorry to hear about the Rays, but I'm glad that you enjoyed your diversion from the garden. They gave it a good try. Your mums look lovely.


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