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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back To The Garden…..


After our quick trip to Tallahassee,where we welcomed the ever delightful Emma to the garden party,we are now back at TheGreatWall.After eight days away,we returned to a weedy,over grown mess.

(but it was more than worth it!)

While in Tallahassee,we took some time to visit two places we have always wanted to see.

First up,Tony’s Garden Patch.The Dirt,on TBO.com,had an article about this place a while back.And ever since,we have wanted to see it. Plus,maybe we could finally find a nice cat statue for the garden.Find the statue we did(for $7.50!)….


but wait!

There’s more…..


Shouldn’t everyone should have a six foot gargoyle in their garden?

How about life size concrete pigs?IMG_0422

You want it,they got it!IMG_0423

And this is only a very small portion of what they have!It would take an entire day to see everything.

After that,we went to Native Nurseries.IMG_0426

I swear,I felt like I had died and gone to gardener’s Heaven.

Acres of Florida natives….IMG_0424

What did I buy,you ask?


I may be pushing the southern-most boundary,as it’s only known to grow down to Ocala.The nursery said it should bloom.Maybe just not as prolifically as Zone 8.You can read about it here….

Also,I bought five Hurricane Lily bulbs.

Lycoris_radiata800cImage from Floridata

Whether they’ll perform this fall or not,is debatable.But they will next fall.And,hopefully,I should have extra bulbs to give away.

~~~A slight interruption for a Emma alert! ~~~

I wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful comments about our Emma.After a few bumps in the road,she is now home with her Mom and Dad,and doing beautifully.



and with her adoring daddy….


Now,we return you back to regular blogging…..

This weekend was spent putting in the fall veggie garden.


Also planted were broccoli,red,green and orange peppers,two heirloom tomatoes, Big Boy and Better Boy tomatoes,and cucumbers,.Previously planted were leeks and herbs.I still need to get onion sets.YardBoy wants some collards and turnip greens,but he has to find his own space if he wants those.Our version of The Great Gardening Debate….

Have a great gardening week,everyone!




Tink *~*~* said...

About the gargoyle - if you are ever considering placing a naked dude in your garden, please don't let it be an ugly one. I don't care that they've got wings. They are butt-ugly!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Sweet, sweet Emma. Glad she's doing fine and home with her folks. She's such a cutie pie.

Both of those places you visited look really great.

Love the hurricane lilies.


Meems said...

Emma is BEEEautiful... really. What a divine little face. Sweet times for everyone ahead.

My favorite nursery in the whole world is in Tallahassee! It is sort of south (opposite of the Native Nursery)but it is well worth the drive. Next time you go you must make a detour. Let me know and I'll give you the details.

You brought home some fun stuff. You planted broccoli already? I never know when the ideal time is but I'm waiting a couple of weeks until the soil cools a tad. Did you get those seeds at Duncheon's...I recognize that packaging... so pretty. I'd let yard boy plant collards... they are SO easy to grow. Where did you tell me you buy your onion sets? I need some too.
Sorry for babbling,

Unknown said...

Tink-if I ever have a naked man in my garden,it won't be a gargoyle,that's for sure.I think something more like Johnny Depp would do just fine,thank you very much.

Flower Lady-thank you for you nice comments re:Emma.We think she's pretty special.

Meems-I figured I'd give the broccoli a try,just because ...Yep,got the seeds at Duncheon's,when they had them on sale.And there way more nurseries we wanted to visit,but we'll have plenty of chances in the future.

Floridagirl said...

Little Emma is such a beautiful flower to add to your garden party! What fun it must have been to wander around that statuary place. I'm having a hard time envisioning that gargoyle or the pigs in any garden setting. Hmmm... I need to get me some of those hurricane lilies.

NanaK said...

Emma is precious. Please interrupt the blog post anytime to give an update on her. Both places you visited seem very interesting and full of stuff every gardener MUST have. (Except for the gargoyle.) Can't wait to see the progress of the veggie patch.

Gayle said...

Too funny about the gardening debate. Looks like you may be cutting out a little more lawn before it's over with.

I can't imagine having some of those things in my yard. While interesting they don't go with everything.

That baby is just so gosh darn cute. Makes me want to snuggle one!

Unknown said...

FG-according to the info on the Hurricane Lily,it is a prolific "bulb grower." You are more than welcome to sme.

NanaK-everyone will most definitely updated on the newest "flower' in our garden. And you don't want a gargoyle in your garden? LOL!

Gayle-YardBoy has won out on the collards and turnip greens(he's Southern thru and thru)-less to mow!BTW-Your sunflowers are truly impressive!

Brando said...

Your new interruption is very sweet. Congratulations! I'm happy to see her dad isn't 90! (Big smiles)

I really like hurricane lilies. When I was growing up, we called them surprise lilies because you never knew where they would come up. And if you get the azalea to bloom, you will love it. My mom took one from southern GA all the way to NE Mississippi, and it's done well.

Kimberly said...

Hi, Chris! I'm so glad you threw in that Emma alert...she's gorgeous!
But seriously, that gargoyle is very scarey! It should not be in the same post as that sweet little baby. I like your kitty, though.

Great purchases...I bet you had trouble choosing with such a collection. I love those hurricane lilies! If you have extras, please put me on the list!!!

Susan said...

Hi Chris...Emma is so beautiful and sweet looking. You must be absolutely delighted!

How lucky to have a chance to visit two places while you're there. Those hurricane lilies look outstanding...gorgeous. Both places look really neat. I'll have to remember them when I get up that way again.

Good luck on your fall garden. Ours is growing well so far.

Deborah said...

Such a bargain on your garden kitty, but the gargoyle I'm not so sure of! He looks constipated! What a beautiful baby. Be sure to squeeze her every night so as to slow down growing. **kisskiss** Deb


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