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Thursday, September 16, 2010

He Wanted It……

He got it!

In my previous post,I wrote how YardBoy wanted collards and turnips.

He’s born and bred southern,after all….

I told him if he could find a proper spot for them,he could go for it.Find a proper spot he did.IMG_0449 The Man-Side of the yard.

The Man-Side is where he keeps his “stuff.”

Valuable  ”stuff.”

Stuff he’s gonna use “someday.”

 what do men do on their side of the yard anyways?

The raised beds are soooo properly level.

But,please excuse the canoe in the back ground…….

I think it would make a great planter……

”But,babe,we’ll use it again.”

We haven’t used it in over ten years!”

But we will."

S-u-r-e we will.”

I lost the argument.The canoe is still there……

What’s he going to plant?IMG_0448 I said no to tobacco and cotton….


I feel an Emma update coming on… 

Good news!

The pediatrician doesn’t want to see her until she’s a month old.)2 weeks from now)She’s gaining weight and her bilirubin numbers have stabilized.

The girl rocks!



Gayle said...

No tobacco? No cotton? Man, that would have been a uniquely Southern manly garden. LOL So what vegetables is the ladies side growing?

NanaK said...

Those raised beds do look rather precise. The canoe WOULD make a good planter. Maybe that's what he'll use it for - someday. Keep us updated on the beans and greens. I love turnips.

And...thanks for sharing Emma's good news. Those shaky first days and weeks are tough on new parents AND grandparents.

Susan said...

That's great news on Emma. Glad to hear she's doing well.

It looks like you have a little competition there in the garden...a healthy one at that. I love collards, too and can't wait to get them going. I'm glad you identified that canoe in the background...I couldn't figure out what it was. It definitely would make a great planter.

Floridagirl said...

LOL. Unused canoes and kayaks are familiar sights leaning against fences and houses in my neck of the woods. Nothin' like a fresh turnip dug from the garden! One of my favorite childhood memories. Glad to hear good news about Emma.

Deborah said...

HA! We have a "man side yard" too! He has his garden and mulch container over there. I bet if you did get rid of the canoe the very next weekend you'd feel like using it! YAY and a YIPPEE for healthy, happy babies.
**kisses** Deb


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