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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Signs Of Autumn ?

The past few days it seems like Autumn just may be in the air.Could it be true?IMG_0451

This morning,at 7 AM,the thermometer said 69 degrees!

Alas,by noon,it was up in the 90’s.IMG_0452 But the humidity was low…

And the love bugs are back!

Late this afternoon,taking the camera on a stroll through the garden, Autumn could be found everywhere the camera focused….


The Pine Cone Gingers are in full bloom….IMG_0467 Puh-leze,puh-leze hang on ‘til the holidays!

~~~Warning!!! ~~~

~~~Emma Alert!~~~


emmatoniLatest photos from son and DIL.

Toni,the tiger cat,is very protective of “her baby”…..

We now return you to regular blogging…..

Yep,I bought some Mums…IMG_0453 I,absolutely,cannot do without mums,when Autumn comes!

Mums just signify the return of cooler weather to me.

Magnolia pods,I relocated from son and DIL’s house in Tallahassee,have sprung forth with seeds…IMG_0471 I thought I would give growing them from seed a try.

and crotons,for some reason,always remind me of Autumn….IMG_0456

and the birds are feeding,at the feeders….



The magnificent oak has acorns….IMG_0484_1 and the squirrels are ever so happy!

Hopefully,cooler weather is soon to arrive……

Now,if only,the mosquitoes would get the hint…

I hope everyone’s garden is growing with abandon!

Our’s is!


NanaK said...

First, Emma is STILL too cute! She's almost as big as her cat. How sweet those pictures are.

It was fun to see all your Autumn blooms. I, too, must buy mums every year. I did plant some one year but they didn't make a very good showing the next Fall, so out they came. Good luck with the magnolia seeds. That will be fun to try. Your birdfeeder shots are great. I've noticed more activity around ours as well. I'm still hoping to see a Painted Bunting some day.

Susan said...

I am enjoying the milder mornings and evenings and waiting patiently for the daytime temps to drop into the 80's....won't be long, now. It looks like Emma has a little guardian angel looking after her...how sweet!

Gayle said...

The red bird almost looks stuffed. LOL Emma is just a precious little girl....perfect in every way.

Meems said...

Emma is a precious little autumn treasure!!!

This drier air is making me SOOO happy and exhilerated. I can feel all my resolve NOT to start new projects flying out the window already. *grin* Your pretty autumn colors really are speeding along the feeling.

Love the magnolia buds this time of year. Well, I don't love how they drop all over the yard.

(Glad yard man got his greens it will make him happy come Thanksgiving.)

Enjoy this weather! Meems

Kimberly said...

Yes, I've noticed a nice change in evening/morning temps as well. NICE! I actually got a bit chilly the other evening...silly, isn't it? Your autumn garden is gorgeous! I've planted some pinecone gingers but they're still too young to produce a cone..probably next year. I have a potted mum that I purchased several years ago...and it keeps on producing pretty yellow flowers. I think the key is that it's in a container. I agree...fall isn't the same without mums!

Deborah said...

Oh how splendid! Fabulous shots of beauty. I cannot believe the color of the magnolia seeds! We have been having unusual heat AGAIN and even the cooler mornings are hot. GRRRRR. What an absolute little doll Emma is. Lucky you! **blows kisses** Deb


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