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Sunday, August 22, 2010

~This and That~

Yesterday morning,Meems,from Hoe and Shovel,was gracious enough to open her gardens to some of us West Central Florida garden bloggers.It was so much fun meeting everyone who’s blog I read daily.(and viewing Meems’ garden is a treat in itself,I am here to testify!)How wonderful to put faces with internet friends!No photos(I forgot my camera).Plants and gardening ideas were swapped.The information garnered from each other was amazing.I learned so much!

I was fortunate enough to meet:

Brandy from A Ponderer Digresses

Rhonda from A Garden Almanac

Kay from My Garden Path

Janice(AKA Pumpkin) from Graceful Cottage Gardening

Susan from Simply Susan Thank you SOOOO much for the Lily!

Meems’ delightful elderly neighbor(I MUST introduce her to my Dad)

some Master Gardener friends of Meems and Rhonda

if I left anyone out,I apologize.

Came home  hopping and skipping(YardBoy doesn’t get the hopping and skipping thing when I come home with a new plant-what’s up with that?) with oodles of treasures.

Life is good!

On to the more mundane….

Since yesterday morning,it has rained on and off.Quite heavy at times.The rest of the time,just a drizzle.But when it came down-it came down!

our backyard this afternoon….IMG_0304

The low spots are created by the roots from our massive oaks….IMG_0305

This is supposed to be our new shade garden…..IMG_0302

I see some retrenching in our future…..

On a disgusting note,YardBoy found these two having sex,in our weggie garden…

Can you imagine that ?IMG_0301

One died.By pitch fork.Hope they enjoyed their little soiree’…

And on to a more happy note…

Most of the rainy times,this weekend,were spent finishing a crib quilt that my late mother had started years ago,and never finished.Why she never finished it I don’t know.When I cleaned out her craft chest,after she passed away 32 years ago,I found everything.It was almost all put together.It just needed to have the binding put on it.The fabric was there,so it was quite simple to put it together.She had embroidered the squares when she was about eight years old,when she had Rheumatic Fever.

Did she mean it for a future great grandchild? I have no idea….but I think so.

So,Emma(I call her The Divine Miss E),this one’s for you……


Can’t wait to meet you!


Tink *~*~* said...

First of all - "by pitchfork" - ROTFLMAO! If anyone ever gets on my case ever again for my harsh position toward snakes in my garage, I'm just going to send them a link to this post.

Second - I love, love, LOVE the quilt. What an awesome thing to have, that was made by your mother's own little 8 year old hands. Too cool!


NanaK said...

Hey Chris! Yesterday WAS a lot of fun wasn't it? So glad to meet you in person. What a lovely quilt and so special, just for a special little girl. The Divine Miss E - love it.

Ami said...

I am jealous that you got a tour in Meem's garden and met so many blog friends! That quilt is so special and beautiful. It would be a wonderful gift for your granddaughter.

Floridagirl said...

Wow. A gathering of West Central Florida gardeners. Sounds like y'all had fun.

This post was also fun to read, with everything from flooded gardens to procreating frogs to quilting. What a sweet story to go with your quilt. So nice that you were able to finish it. Let us know when the Divine Miss E arrives!

Meems said...

What a great story about the quilt. And the Divine Miss E will be the perfect choice to be the deserving recipient after all these years. Your mom would be so happy.

What kind of frogs are they? I've never seen one and don't think I want to.

I am so happy about getting this rain. But I don't imagine you like to see it standing like that in your back garden. Have you thought about creating a bog garden out there? Or a rain garden?

Thank you for joining us Saturday. It was all MY pleasure and so fun to host each lovely lady. We'll do it again... when it gets cooler.

Unknown said...

Meems-those are those Bufo toads.They're huge,and they have devastated out native tree frogs.And they're supposed to be poisonous.
Hadn't thought about a rain garden.Hmmm.....

Kimberly said...

Lucky, Lucky Girl to meet up with fellow bloggers at Meems garden! Sounds like a GREAT time!

As for those low spots...very soggy. I think a water garden is the natural choice here, don't you?

And, the toads are gross. Frogs are sweet and toads are gross.


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