"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

~~~Last Night It Rained~~~

Oh,we’ve had the occasional shower here and there.But no real amount of measureable rainfall.And after what seems like weeks of blistering heat(and heat indexes to match),the garden was dying of thirst.And it was starting to show.
But last night,out of the clear blue sky,a strange sound was heard.

Me:”Is that thunder?”
YardBoy:”It’s been thundering for awhile.You haven’t heard it?”
Me:”No-I was inside.In the A/C.Where it’s cool.Is it going to rain?”
YardBoy:”It’ll probably just shower and then move on.If at all.”

Down it came!
Jim Cantore you’re not!)
A real rip-roaring gully washer,as my mother would have called it.
The elves were playing 10 pins in the mountains(her term for thunder) for quite awhile.
The lights were flickering on and off,but then it settled down to an all night steady rain.
First thing,this morning,I was out in the garden.Jammies on,barefoot,camera in hand( a sight to behold,I assure you).
Oh how the garden was rejoicing in last night’s bath.
It always amazes me,how we can hand water and the plants seem to do ok,but let the Heavens open up and the garden just seems to dance with pure joy.
Alive and refreshed….
As perky as perky can be(another one of my mother’s faves)……
Dancing in the morning sun light…..

Momma always knows best……(yep,another phrase I heard over and over,growing up)
Yes,Mother Nature does know best!

Note:This last photo was edited in PhotoFiltre,just because I liked the way it turned out....
        I want to thank Floridagirl for the term "mommerisns"
        I got the idea for the "mommerisms" post from Tootie.


Steve Asbell said...

I was so excited to get all those heavy downpours! I planned half of my garden to stand the late summer flooding so the marginally aquatic plants have been thirsty.

Kimberly said...

I love the way the garden looks after a nice rain. Your blooms are soooooo happy!!

Floridagirl said...

Don't the flowers look so vivid after a rain? Enjoyed reading all the "mommerisms"--too funny. We had a good rainy July, but it's been dry for days now. We've heard lots of rumbling all 'round us though. Actually, I hear rumbling right now. (Fingers are crossed.)

Ami said...

We also had some rain yesterday, but this morning we had a real downpour! I was at working place, everybody is saying outside looks nasty, but I was imagining my plants dancing in the rain with joy! :) Love all your flowers after the rain, and all those mom's words!

NanaK said...

Your flowers look so happy with the rain. We have had a light rain but nothing that I would call a "frog-strangler." :)

Unknown said...

NanaK-I must add "frog-strangler" to my list of 'mommerisms'.Good one!

Susan said...

It is amazing how the rain can make sooooo much difference. We finally got a decent shower tonight. I always feel better when I know my plants received a nice rain shower.

Deborah said...

OMGoodness what fantastic shots!!! And you are so cruel! I am dying dying dying out here in the desert! So are some of my plants. wa wa wa. **green with garden envy** Deb

Tootie said...

Oh no! I've started something! Since my post, I've thought of a lot more things 'Mom Used to Say' terms. Every one of them makes me smile.

Your flowers look great! I can see why you had to hurry out in your jammies. :)


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