"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, August 1, 2010

~~~The Reveal~~~

Here’s what we’ve been working on for the past two weeks.


With the heat and humidity we’ve been having,it was slow going.

With a heat index of “Oh my Gawd! It’s freakin’ hot!

We only worked in the morning before 10AM,and after 5PM. TheShed itself went together quite easily.Once we read the directions…..

The hardest and hottest part was building the platform for it to set on.

Word to the wise-measure twice,and cut once- is always the best advice.

Once that was done, it was kinda,sorta easy.

Just time consuming.The heat and humidity took its toll.

There were quite a few jumps in the pool involved.

The next hardest part was the steps.

IMG_0189 YardBoy,”I don’t do steps.”

Once you get the first row in and level,it just breezes along.The flagstone pathway was also simple.My dad always taught me to get the area level first,and it should be a breeze.And it was.

My potting bench is going to be the old wash tub YardBoy got for $2 at a yard sale!He’s working on a cover from sheet metal.

IMG_0190 Yea YardBoy!

I used old curtain rods,painted with black metal spray paint,for door stops.We,also,need to put up some peg board,to hang small yard tools on.And to mix some sand and old motor oil in a 5 gallon bucket for storing the shovels(another tip from my dad).


We all know how wonderful it is to have have all your gardening supplies/tools in one place!With the well being right next to TheShed,I have water readily available.


Ahhh! The convenience.

I “heart” TheShed!

Now,if I can just keep YardBoy from moving his stuff in…..!


NanaK said...

The wait for the reveal was worth it! You have a great space now for all the storage and work area you need for your gardening. You have prettied it up nicely as well. The flagstone, the little fence, it all comes together so well. That washtub was a great find. I can't believe you and YardBoy did all that work in this heat, but it certainly turned out gorgeous.

Tink *~*~* said...

Wow. Craziness to attempt that sort of project in this weather! But it's lookin' good. Love the washtub!


Ami said...

A great job nicely done! A salute to you and yardboy finishing this project in this hot weather! It is not only convienient, and also pretty! Love the wash tub, flagstone, and the planters on the sides of entrance. I am also doing some project this weekend, oh boy, how hot it was!

Floridagirl said...

Very nice garden shed. Looks like it fits right in and has been there forever. Nice stone work! I wish I had room for a shed!

Gayle said...

What an awesome shed. Totally rocks compared to mine. I think we have the same tools (blowers, weed whacker) or at least the same color! :) You guys did a great job.

Deborah said...

oh I ♥♥♥ the shed too! You and Yard Boy did an awesome job! It is just so adoreeeeble! Love the walk way and the steps. Just too cute-cute!
**blows kisses** Deb

compost in my shoe said...

Good luck on keeping him from cluttering it with things that obviously don't belong!!!!

Unknown said...

It wasn't really all that bad.We worked in the early morning and evening.And we used the misters.
Gayle-you're gardens are pretty awesome themselves.And don't you have that greenhouse?
Compost...-he has his own shed,with a refrigerator!He can leave mine alone!

Unknown said...

Deb-and this is why I missed your Fiesta.Next time,I pinky swear!

Kimberly said...

Very nice! It looks very attractive and is so organized inside. Good work, especially in this HEAT!!!

Susan said...

Oh, I almost missed this post...I've gotten behind on my blog reading. How exciting to have your very own garden shed. And, what a great job the two of you did. I'm coveting your fabulous shed.

Gayle said...

Oh, and I noticed the lock on the shed. I don't even lock my house. Actually, my house doesn't even lock, and the doors that do I don't have keys for. I lock my van in town, but not always. I would hate to have to lock my tool shed. Shoot, the key is in my 4-wheeler and can be taken at any time. Such different lives, huh?


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