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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An Ooops Turned Good….


Occasionally, we gardeners screw up.I just found out I did.Not that I don’t have many screw-ups in my repertoire….But sometimes those screw-ups turn out pretty good.

After planting carrot seeds last fall,I must have forgotten I wiped my hands and dropped some carrot seeds in a flower pot containing a parsley plant.After the Swallowtail cats ate the parsley I guess I thought that the parsley had started to re-grow.

Thinking that the parsley had a severe case of the wilts,I decided to yank it out.

Guess what I found?






What to do with it?I figured it would probably be very woody tasting,so I put it in the mini food processor with an under producing Vidalia Onion(waste not-want not),some molasses,sea salt,pepper,and garlic.

(garlic improves the flavor of everything,no?)


Whipped it up.Put it in the oven for a bit(just to cook thru).

And voila’

IMG_4883 with more of YardBoy’s roses in the background….

Turned out pretty good.With a flavor reminiscent of Hubbard Squash. Served up with the last of the Beefsteak tomatoes and the last of the Green Beans…..

It’s better to be lucky than good,I guess…….

and a pretty good dinner,too!


Tootie said...

I just gotta say it! That's the biggest darned carrot I've ever seen. :)

NanaK said...

An accidental carrot...and you are so resourceful. I guess you couldn't let something like that go to waste. I definitely agree garlic makes everything better.

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

I love it when we find these surprises.

Kimberly said...

WOW! Impressive! Your creativity in the kitchen is amazing! I'd love to come for dinner some time. :)

Ami said...

That final product of the carrot dish looks yummy! Yes, the garlic make food more tasty. I often throw some crushed garlic when I stir-fry my vegitibles, or cook see food. I love garden surprises (the good ones)!

compost in my shoe said...

That carrot tuned into a nice looking meal!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a delicious accident.

Deborah said...

Genius! What a carrot!!! I probably would have just thrown it in the mulch bin...you did much better.
**kisses** Deb


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