"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Monday, June 28, 2010



baby,you and me…..”

ooops-kinda got carried away…….sorry,Jackson 5

Let’s get started shall we?

A is for …..IMG_5028

Acidantheras(bicolor murielae)

or Sword Lily(a member of the gladiolus family)


On a lark,I bought these bulbs at Home Depot,back in January,when we were in the midst of the freezing weather.I planted them in pots,as we have an armadillo problem(meaning if I plant a bulb,they can smell it a mile away,and chow down!). Once they had sprouted,I,carefully transplanted them into the garden.Hardy to Zone 6,they should be planted in clusters.They are supposed to bloom throughout the hot summers of Florida(we shall see….).So far,they seem to like alot of sun,and are relatively drought tolerant.They grow 1-3 feet tall and have a spread of 1-3 feet.Since they have bloomed I wish I had planted all of them.According to the literature,they are supposed to be fragrant,but so far I haven’t noticed a fragrance(it could be my allergies….).But they are stunning growing up through the Giant Liriope.A beautiful contrast.I’m glad that I planted them amongst the Liriope,as like glads,they tend to bend over with the weight of their flowers.It will be interesting to see how they do as the Florida summer progresses.And,of course,next year……

B is for …….



C is for …….

caladiums and conch shellsIMG_5039

we use the Horse Conch shells(the not-so-good-ones,found through out the years,on Sanibel Island) as yard art and planters for bromeliads.


and please try not to notice Buddha flat on his face….

D is for Dragonfly…….IMG_4922

Jumping ahead to S……

(why bother with the rest of the alphabet……?)

S is for….. IMG_4948


(e is for eeeeK!)


I know nothing about spiders,except that I don’t care for them all that much.

So feel free to identify,

if you so chose.

And,that is your lesson for today.

Class dismissed.


Snowbird said...

Gorgeous pictures. You should write your own Great Wall of Lutz ABC book. I bet it would sell.

Deborah said...

OMGoodness, Buddha has suffered a concussion. Please call 911. I suffer serious garden envy coming to visit you. Please remind me of your humidity... Gorgeous shots!
**blows kisses** Deb

NanaK said...

I've never heard of sword lily. That is one gorgeous bulb. You will definitely have to add more next year. Even if they don't make it through the worst heat of summer, they are giving a great show now.

Susan said...

That sword lily is a real beauty! I'll be looking for them at my H.D. Glad to hear they're doing well for you.

Floridagirl said...

LOL! Thanks for the lesson in ABCDSs. I really like the "A," though I can't pronounce it. I need to find one of those lilies. I too have never seen it before. Your lovely "S" is the Argiope Aurantia, or Zig-Zag Writing Spider. It's my favorite spider!

Noel Morata said...


i also love the sword lilly, your abc to s was alot of fun, thanks for sharing :)

Gayle said...

Yep, I noticed Budda right away and was wondering WTF?! That spider is gross. Way gross. I am so damn thankful we don't have such things. I'd smash that thing!


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