"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Holding Out For A Hero…..


There isn't any symbolism. The sea is the sea. The old man is an old man. The boy is a boy and the fish is a fish. The shark are all sharks no better and no worse. All the symbolism that people say is shit. What goes beyond is what you see beyond when you know.
-Ernest Hemingway

He’s not an old man.

He’s not a boy.

He’s YardBoy!!

(AKA JonJ)

and he’s taking a nap………


When suddenly…….

Out of nowhere,

what should appear?!

Not a fish,but a…….

Shark!!!!! IMG_4964

Be careful…

be very,very careful,JonJ…….

Hooper: Mr. Vaughn, what we are dealing with here is a perfect engine, an eating machine. It's really a miracle of evolution. All this machine does is swim and eat and make little sharks, and that's all.(“Jaws”)


Quint: I'm not talkin' 'bout pleasure boatin' or day sailin'. I'm talkin' 'bout workin' for a livin'. I'm talkin' 'bout sharkin'! (“Jaws)


My hero!!!!!


I swear the heat and humidity are making us do weird things…….

certainly way too hot for gardening………..


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Bless your hearts as you survive the heat and humidity.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Deborah said...

**clapping of many hands** And a YIPPEE for Yard Boy saving the day!
This made me giggle out loud...and then chuckle. Now I'm going in the pool. We only have a friendly floaty bug at the moment. **kisses** Deb

Unknown said...

Deb-you most definitely need a shark!

Ami said...

What a fun post! Yes, the weather is way too hot and humid to garden. Now I am using the hours after the sun down, but then the mosquitos and bugs!!! Errr! Have a nice cool ummer with your yardboy!

Rhonda Carrier said...

Way too hot to garden!
Glad he survived the attack.

Gayle said...

I would so nap right there, too!! You have such cute posts...love your hero!

Kimberly said...

HAHAHA!!! Great post! Indeed...too hot to garden. Looks like the perfect activity!


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