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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My New Best Friend…….


When it’s this hot out……

IMG_4905This was at 4 PM,

in the shade!

Day-um!That’s hot!

if you want to work in the garden,you need the best help you can find.

Not compost,not the sharpest,nor best tools in the shed,but this…..

IMG_4907 I am here to testify that this gizmo works!

Pinky swear!

This sucker lowers the feeling of the temperature a good ten degrees!Now,I wish I could lay claim to this idea,but we “borrowed” the idea from friends who had one for a bar-b-que they had.We thought it would be a great idea for when the kids and g’kids were here.Dontcha just love a good idea?

but I digress…..

We bought the larger version for use around our pool(we’re not screened in;nor do we have much shade around the pool).And it works perfectly.Almost too perfectly,as a matter of fact.Even though it has an adjuster knob,it does put out quite a bit of mist.

Later,we went back and bought the smaller size for it’s portability.

But we have found that the larger one is better for gardening,


and the smaller one is better for the area around the pool.

Or in  the small screened in area that is off of our dining room.











The tropicals,orchids,and bromeliads that we keep  on this covered area,just love this gizmo.


I have some serious love goin’  on with these…..

Go ahead-----buy one.

You know you want to.

Some random thoughts---

It’s not as good as wearing quick-dry clothes and jumping in the pool,to cool off.

It takes some playing with the adjustments of the misters to get them just right.If you have too much mist you might be spraying your patio with chlorine,to get rid of the algae.

The butterflies love it!



NanaK said...

What a great gadget. I feel cooler just looking at the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Love it where can we find one of these gizmos?

Unknown said...

AJ-we got our's at Home Depot,but Lowe's have them,too.

Gayle said...

Just like being pool side in Vegas! Wish I had a heat problem and needed one of these. It's in the 50's and rainy. Yuck! Enjoy a dip in the pool for me.

Deborah said...

Brilliant! We have misters that line the patio ceiling edge and they do help quite a bit. Now that IS hot, especially with your humidity. I feel cooler already! **kisses** Deb


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