"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father’s Day With My Dad,Still The Greatest Gardener I Shall Ever Know


This is a kind of bittersweet post,

as I am afraid this could very well be the last Father’s Day I have with my Dad.

Today,YardBoy and I went to visit my Dad.He is getting quite frail these days,and didn’t feel up to coming to visit TheGreatWall.We took him his favorites:


bananas(“They refrigerate the ones here,and that ruins bananas,you know.”),

Crystal Lite Lemonade(“I only use half of what they say.It’s way too sweet for me,otherwise.Plus,it lasts longer.” Dad,fer crying out loud,it’s ok to use it the way they say. “No,it’s too sweet!”),



and peanuts.

Hey—you get to be 91,you can eat whatever you want,right?

His mind wanders these days.Sometimes he’s not sure where he is and panics.And calls me.Afraid.Not knowing what to do.It scares me,but I know I must remain calm.”Call the aide,Dad.”

So,today,we talked of many things……….

I have learned not to mention Nancy Pelosi,or Republicans(this from a man who voted for Barry Goldwater!).

We talked mostly of gardening.

I still have so much to learn from that man.And these days,I find myself writing things down to ask him.

What did you do with Lubbers?”

Cut their heads off and smashed them with the shovel.Only way to kill ‘em.You can stomp on ‘em,too.They damn well cleaned out my hibiscus every year.Hate those things.”

I asked him everything I could remember to ask about orchids….

Leave ‘em alone.”

And tomatoes(I have a problem with stink bugs on my tomatoes)

Tell the County to get going on that drainage thing and I’ll bet your stink bugs go away.”

Never thought of that…..

You don’t have Horn Worms or Leaf Rollers on your tomatoes?”


Lucky you.Always had a problem with those.But not stink bugs.Hmmm…”

As we were leaving,when he thought I couldn’t hear,I heard him say to YardBoy,”I’m not doing well.I’m going downhill,you know.”

I heard……

Please God,

just one more Father’s Day.

I still have questions………

image0 ….me and my Dad….


Ami said...

Chris: Your post almost made me cry! Wish you have more farther's day with your dad!

Tink *~*~* said...

that picture is PRICELESS

Little Christene: "OMG, he's digging AGAIN! and did you see what he did to that LUBBER? *shudders* "

FWIW, I think the lubbers are pretty. Can't we start a Lubber Relocation Program? Send them off to a lubber farm somewhere? It just seems a shame to smash things that are so pretty!


Tootie said...

Obviously Tink, you didn't get it! He said SMASH 'em!

Your post made me cry because I've been thinking of my own Dad all day. The things your Dad says, remind me so much of him. I have to tell you, that last picture made me laugh and made me feel better. God, what a perfect picture!!! I hope he's around for more Father's Days too. I would miss reading his words of wisdom.

J said...

I with Tootie, I like reading the posts about what your Dad says.

Tink there is no reforming Lubbers...Squashed one today myself ;)

I'm hoping you will have more years with your Dad to ask ALOT more questions!

I've been enjoying your Blog :)

Gayle said...

I lost my dad in '93 when I was only 25. Your post makes me think of all the questions I want to ask him and never got the chance. I wish I would have known better then. I'm glad you got to spend time with him today. And may you have many more days.

NanaK said...

You are so right to treasure every moment with your Dad. It's nice when a daughter has a great relationship with her Father. I too was one of the lucky ones to have a wonderful Dad. Thanks for sharing.

Deborah said...

Oh Chris, what a beautiful tribute. I am weeping now, typing through tears. My Daddy is 89 and Mom is 87. They moved away 300 miles 25 years ago and now they are "going downhill" too and I find myself vacillating between sadness and anger at attempted guilt plays for me not visiting as often as they want. UGH. I just read this today by Deb @ talk at the table: "Life is messy and full of brokenness and people just trying to get to the other side of things they didn't ask for. Or maybe they did and it's all too much." **kisskiss** Deb

jabblog said...

It's very hard to watch your parents decline. There are so many things I would love to ask my parents now. My mother-in-law is 93and in hospital with broken bones and in a private world of her own. It's tough for her sons. Reality is slipping away and her personality is disintegrating. I wish good health for your father and strength for you.


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