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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Is It Autumn,Yet?

In Florida,how do we gardeners know it's Fall?

The daily high temperature now averages 89,instead of the 90's.
The afternoon rains don't come with an everyday frequency.Now,it's more like every other day.
Most summer tropicals are starting to slow down.The only thing growing with abandon are the weeds and the grass.
The mornings do have more of a breeze,as do the evenings.But the afternoons are still like August.
Football is back!! The Florida Gators and the USF Bulls are both 3-0!!

But if one looks around the garden,you just might see the colors of Autumn......

The orange and black of a Gulf Fritallary caterpillar on the Mandevillea......
The leaves of the Hibiscus Acetosella 'Red Shield' stand in for the leaves of a maple tree.......
Our maples leaves still look like this.......
They won't change colors until December.They may turn a reddish brown,but they quickly fall onto the lawn,to be raked up and put into the compost pile.
The Florida maples we have in our yard are considered wetland trees.And are protected as such.The are short-lived.maybe 15-20 years.And have shallow,fibrous roots.
So,we turn to making over containers,into miniature Fall gardens..........

The planter in the back left contains Purple Fountain Grass.The lower left front is a mum,with a dracena cutting,coleus,ajuga,and German Thyme.

Yep,I caved and bought a Pelee' Mum at the grocery store.I couldn't help myself.It does look kinda neat out by the pool.
Now,it's time for barbeque and football!!!!

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Deborah said...

Beautiful! Yes, in the desert here we know fall is coming because the highs are only 103!!!
I just love your garden.


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