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Thursday, September 10, 2009

That Was Then......

This is now......

Back on January 25th,I was in shock.

over seeing
But .......lo and behold,not only did the Angel's Trumpet come back and bloom....

It bloomed twice!

And thrice!!!

Each succesive bloom has been better than the last.And this time it is

White blossoms changing to peach.........

Now,over six feet tall!
and many,many cuttings have been started off of it.....and passed around...............

Mucho thanks to Sue at Luxe Lanai for the idea of taking the lower leaves off,and making it more of a tree shape.
It soooo shows off the blossoms!Thanks,Sue!


Meems said...

VERY amazing how it is hard to tell now that everything looked like your Angel's Trumpet back in January. As a matter of fact I keep forgetting how sad I was back then as I'm buying more tropicals and putting them in the ground. *sigh* What happened to my vow for natives only? Forgetful I tell ya.

Those blooms are simply elegant and stunning all at once!

Rusty in Miami said...

Those angels’ trumpets are hardy plants and fast growing. I like that peach color, I have white and pink.

Jake said...

Very beautiful plant! I knew that they were rather hardy. I always mean to get one, but never do.


Anonymous said...

Amazing isn't it. I relocated mine to a sheltered area, not that it will make a difference, but it was just getting too big. I am going to need so many frost blankets this year. Too much money invested. I just went out and bought a huge plumeria for heaven's sake. The good thing is that we have a little micro-climate because of the Harris Chain of Lakes. It seems to offer a little shelter from the most damaging of frosts. The most damage was to my ponytail palm in a pot, but it came back nicely.


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