"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Blah and The Good .......

Let's get the blah out of the way first,shall we.......?
The summer rain pattern has finally kicked in.The end of September!Doesn't Mother Nature know it is now Autumn,fer cryin' out loud?
The mosquitoes!You cannot go anywhere in the garden without covering yourself in Off.
See above....
The mermaid has even fallen over!Into La Toilette! Has she passed out from the heat?The humidity?Or has she just given up?

The Bucs suck,as a so-called football team.

On the up side........

The coleus are lovin' this weather......
Jon's roses are going great guns.........
This one is my favorite.It just reminds me of something my mother would've grown.

The Caladiums are still putting on a show.....
May be their last of the season,but hopefully,they'll last just a little longer.
The Fulgurium are absolutely gorgeous,with their foliage.
I hope that they will bloom this year.
and the mums.............
My favoritest...............!!
and the USF Bulls(my Alma Mater) beat FSU!!!!!
and the Florida Gators won!(our money went there,with Erich,the Younger)
Life can be
Just know where to look!


Deborah said...

I think her shell got full of rain and pulled her down...I think she still has the will to live among all those beautiful flowers and plants. Sorry. I drooled a little on them...

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

**Life can be good! Just know where to look!**

Boy if that isn't the truth!! I live south of you and we had a couple of 'nice' days with less humidity and I thought YES, this is more like it. Then we got blasted with heat and humidity again, which sent me into a funk.

Your gardens look lovely as usual, and I love that rose. Your mermaid is really neat also.

Here's to looking for the good.



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