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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's raining,It's pouring........

Finally!!Rain has come to the GreatWall,and for that matter,all of Florida.That noise you hear is Florida gardeners doing the happy dance!It's only a temporary reprieve from our three year drought,I know,but it is better than nothing.
The great drizzley(is there such a word as drizzley?) rains started the afternoon after we got home from vacation.What a wonderful welcome home that was----I so did not want to water that first day home.

Our flowers and veggies are singing praises to the Heavens.There is nothing like tears from the sky to make a plant jump for joy.Our brown,brittle lawns are turning green and lush.Hand watering just isn't quite the same as rain,some how.
But with the good,comes the bad.The weeds are loving it,too(insert snarling smiley here).I see some serious weeding in my future....

But the veggies are sooooo happy,these days. I just love eggplant!And it's looking like we're gonna have a bumper crop,this year.w00t!!!
I do worry about how the tomatoes are going to adjust to the this sudden change.The temperature has also cooled off to the mid-60's.I worry that they may start splitting....I do worry,I know.

The flowers and plants in the garden look so happy and perky.My hand watering is just not the same,I guess.....Who can blame the plants?Mother Nature always does it better,doesn't she?

And my Horsetail Plant(which is planted in the toilet bowl planter----don't ask....)is the happiest of all.This plant likes wet,soggy soil,but can be quite invasive if left on its own.So,if you have an area with poor drainage,plant it there.BUT,leave it in a container(with the bottom cut out),or else you'll be pulling it out from everywhere,forever).
Excuse me,but I have to go do the happy dance,now..........

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Gayle said...

Your flowers are so beautiful. I hope I am able to grow such nice eggplant. At least I think I am since I've never really eaten it before!


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