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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The GreatWall's Vacation

Yep-the GreatWall took some time off,and spent one week on Sanibel Island.soaking up the rays,tossing a line to the fishes,and collecting seashells(some of which will be used as mulch around the potted plants on the GreatWall).
Erich,the Younger,graciously,accepted the task of keeping an eye on the GreatWall.He did his best.Why do we gardeners think that they are the only ones who can tend their gardens?

We had told him he could help himself to whatever veggies were ready,and that he did!He must have eaten well,as there wasn't much left to be picked.He did mention that he ate alot of salads and veggies while we were gone,and everything was delish......But things are starting to blossom again!And we came home the plumeria in bloom,or in bud!The nasturtiums are budding,too!
The eggplants are setting fruit,and the zucchini,yellow squash,beans,peas,and the cucumbers are all growing great guns.We did lose one tomato plant;one is slowing down,but the grape tomato is quite happy these days.

But the the highlight of the trip was a visit to Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation native plant nursery.I cannot say enough about this organization.Not only do they do so much to help the environment(including a sea turtle nesting program.Check out this blog,if you want more info),but they also have a plant nursery,where they sell plants,that are only native to Florida.

I don't know what all of these are,but I want one of each!There was a moment when I thought about if I could ditch the hubs and bring back more stuff,but I didn't.(just kidding.....about the ditching the hubs part)
The propagation area.Actually,this was quite interesting.Even more interesting was the fact they have interns there,who explain what each area is,etc.Definitely not like a big-box store.These people know their stuff,and are quite happy to talk about the plants,and their growth needs.

The area on the left(which is covered with screen)is the area where they are keeping plants for sale,which butterflies love.Just behind it is the area where they keep the same plants that the butterflies are allowed to play with.This way,the plants are pretty and the butterflies are happy,too.Pretty neat idea!

In the gift shop,I did buy a book on Florida Native Plants.I find it a good beach read,and I'm still poring over it. I love this book!!!!

I did buy a plant.Yes,it was more $$$ than I wanted to spend($2.50 for a 4" pot),but it does go to a worthwhile organization.All the money they make off of the nursery goes to education,the interns salaries,and to further the sea turtle nesting program.I just thiought I'd rather spend the money that way,than at some big-box store where it all goes to corporate profit.

Anywho.....the person who takes a picture of everything and anything that stays still long enough to have it's picture taken,totally forgot to take a picture of the plant tag. I think it's a SpiderWort,but I'm not sure.Thoughts?Anyone?Feel free to jump in........

And that was our vacation.
Kinda-sorta.Did other things.Had great times with great friends,etc......Something we look forward to doing,at least twice a year.The next time can't come soon enough,that's for sure.But for now,it's back to gardening.And giving thoughts to the fall garden.
But,for now,we leave you with why we loves this place.How could you not,when this is outside your front door?


Jennifer AKA keewee said...

What a wonderful time you had, and you have the lovely little plant as a reminder. We go to Amsterdam on Wednesday and my thoughts turn to plants to bring home, but of course I cannot do that as customs would confiscate them. Sighhh! Perhaps I should investigate to see if I can bring packets of flowers seeds back.

Meems said...

Found my American Beautyberry and my first porterweed at SCCF last winter and they are all still happy at Hoe and Shovel. Glad you had such a wonderful vacation.

I agree your plant is a spiderwort.


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