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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rain,Rain Go Away......

With all good intentions,got up early this morning to resume work on the Great Wall,but we were met with cloudy skies which gave way to thunderstoms,that have continued all day.And possibly into tomorrow.Ack!!!!!
I guess God,or the Cosmic Muffin,or whatever you want to call her,decided we needed a day of rest.
But we're soooo close to the end!!

This is where we are now.

The SkateBoard Park is no more.Quiet your tears people.You'll get over it.
It has now become Juan's WaterWorld.
This is it being filled last evening.
And here it is today!!!!

Notice the rain drops.Grrrr...................Actually,(knocking on wood,fingers and toes crossed as I write this),we think our repairs worked.It seems they worked well enough,that with all the rain we've had today,Jon had to pump water out of the pool!Who'd have ever thunk that?!

Hopefully(good Lord willing and the creek don't rise!),the BumperBoat Ride and the WaterGuns will be operational tomorrow.We're planning on having the grand re-opening of Juan's Poolside Cantina,on the 4th of July.

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