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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

And So It Goes..............

It has taken 2 days to get this little bit done! Too damn hot to work at it for very long. And we have the cee-ment pond/SkateBoard Park thing going on at the same time.So,it's going kinda slower than we had anticipated.Actually,a lot slower.
We need to rent a sump pump to clear out the rest of the water in the pool,then the patching can begin.That will need to cure for a day or two,then the painting can begin.We also need to get a huge-ass tarp to cover the pool once the painting starts.It is rainy season here in Florida,after all.Not that one would know it around here.We have had absolutely no noticeable rain at all.
With our luck,the summer rains will start in earnest once we start to paint. :-(

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