"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Long,Hot,Sweaty Day..................

I am here to testify.When it's 95+ degrees out,this is hotter than Hell! What were we thinking?!
The SkateBoard Park is all patched(and those patches have set up),been swept out,vacuumed,and ready for pressure washing,tomorrow. Yep-that's Jon sweating his ass(which he doesn't have much of)off.We should own stock in Gatorade,after today.

The Great Wall of Lutz is progressing ever so slowly.Too damn hot to go any faster.The first picture is a view from the back of the mud pit.We're about half-way done.
The gas grill has been moved back.We still have to move the charcoal grill,the smoker and the turkey fryer.Actually,the smoker and turkey fryer may go somewhere else in the yard.They create way too much mess to be on the Great Wall.

From the side.Eventually,the cypress slab(it's a section that we saved from the old front entry-way)will sit on something other than concrete blocks,but this will have to do for now.
We have reached a point where the 2 decks start to meet up,and they're not square,or even on the same level.So,to transition,I came up with the brilliant idea of using blue glass beads to fill in.Sort of continuing on with the beach theme.Blue=water.Get it?
Sooo-wherever it isn't straight,or square,or we have to manuever around something,this will be the effect.(Obviously,we need more blue glass beads,but I think you can get what the effect we're going for.)

Tomorrow,will be the "Attack of the Killer Power Washer."

to be continued........................


Ross and Dottie said...

Wow! What a project. Can we go swimming yet? :)

Unknown said...



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