"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

B,F,and Just Because….

While the renovations on the house HQ of TheGreatWall are going on (new AC on 1/2 of the house,new electric,and new electric panel),I decided to forego renovations on the front and the north side gardens .They’re going to be torn up while the out side work on the HQ is going on.I figure it would be wise to wait until that is finished.Hopefully,by then,cooler weather will have arrived.And it won’t be such a chore.


…….with that in mind……

B is for….



IMG_4085Simpson Stopper (seems early this year…weather?)

IMG_4086Wild Coffee

….Yep,the birds are having a feast….

F is for



Grown from a grocery store bought pineapple.

The mother plant has put off a baby so I shall get two more plants from the original.

It is gonna be very tasty grilled with some some pork.

IMG_4087                                           Brown Fig

Something(squirrel,raccoon,possum?)got to the largest one.How do I avoid this?Cage it?Suggestions?

…and the just






Good year for the orchids…..


….and bling….


Yep,Miss Emma has her bling on…

a girl has to have her bling….

and her phone…..


Susan said...

Love those BLUE eyes...they must just make you melt. So sorry to hear about your house problem...Yikes, you've sure had your share of it this past year. On the bright side...your home and pool are all going to be completely new...and your surrounding flowerbeds, too. There's always a bright side to the downers in life. Good luck with your renovations.

Unknown said...

Susan-she has the personality to match those eyes,too.
Actually,I'm looking forward to the renovations.Some are long over due.

Anonymous said...

Christene - you take such fabulous photos. Are you a pro? Looking through, these are so wonderful. I can almost taste the red in those berries and feel the prickly for the pineapple.

That little girl is gawjus. I could bite her sweet plumpness and eat her up!


MaidenShade Too said...

ps - it wouldn't let me sign in with my own website/blog, but here is the real one: http://InThrees.net or http://StudioCygne.us xx


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