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Friday, June 3, 2011

You Say “Tomato”….


I say “I have too many”…..

Way too many….

….Like this too many….


One day’s harvest…

And there are more to come!


They have been used in salads,tomato/cucumber salad,sandwiches,tossed into spaghetti sauce,and any other sauce I can think of.

And since the neighbors aren’t answering their doors,

and Erich,the Younger,is refusing my calls---I mentioned tomatoes---I am forced to go to Orlando to get rid of them.

Miss Emma said she’d be glad to take a dozen!


It’s what’s for dinner…..


Tonite,it will be BLT’s.

But for a change,they’ll be toasted! And served with potato chips.

Do you have a bumper crop this Spring?

Something that makes the neighbors run and hide?


Tink *~*~* said...

Will Harry Chapin or your local soup kitchen take 'em? There are hungry peeps out there...


PS: Mmmmm, BLT! :)

Gayle said...

You are totally going to have to give me every tomato growing tip you have because I doubt I could do that! Amazing. Sliced, topped with spinach, garlic and parmasean, baked in the oven. Would eat all you have! :) You could do some serious canning with all that you have. So nice! (Will this go on all summer or will it get too hot?).

NanaK said...

Tomato sandwiches - Yum! Serious jealousy here. My "crop" is not nearly as bountiful. Good job on growing these delicious fruits. I can't imagine a neighbor not wanting some of those pretty tomatoes. The son, I can imagine:) Good idea to share with Miss Emma!

SiestaSister said...

Oh my!!! A BLT....that sounds so good. Wish I had a neighbor like you.

I like Tink's idea...see if a soup kitchen will take some.

Thanks for sharing the pics.

Susan said...

Hey Chris...What a great dilemna to have. What variety(ies) did you grow? I only grew cherry varieties this spring, but Sungold and currant have been great producers. The chocolate (yum) cherry is slow to ripen which worked out good...it will keep the harvest going a little longer.

Enjoy all those yummy tomatoes.

Unknown said...

Susan-the most prolific were the Brandywines.I tried the Galinas from seed I had saved.They were so-so.Probably will do better in the fall.As will the Purple Cherokees. I must try the chocolate cherry.


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