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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Because we lost four trees due to the drainage project,there has been a total re-working of the gardens at TheGreatWall.The areas that used to receive dappled shade are,now,in total sun.I posted about the road-side garden here.But what to do about the other areas?

What to do with the new gardens?

Two years ago,I rediscovered succulents.And this past year,I have become even more enamored with them.They must be pretty tough to survive the desert conditions to which they are native.All of the ones growing at TheGreatWall are keepers.They all survived the cold and freezes of our past two winters.As they are in a sunny,dry corner,they do not seem to mind my neglect…I love a plant that isn’t needy!…I tend to forget about them,and it’s just too far to drag the hose over there.So,they exist in those conditions.Sort of like our own desert at TheGreatWall…No real measureable rain fall,lately.The only real rain we have had was less than one quarter of an inch.Today brought  a pseudo rain shower.I could stand in it and not get wet.The pavers were so hot that the rain drops evaporated as quickly as they hit.

So,what’s liking this weather and the new sunny gardens?

The succulents!

We all have one of these growing outside our backdoor.


It subsists on the dregs of our iced tea glasses and beer bottles…must love beer!…and the occasional rain shower.

The front yard planter,which receives full sun,almost all day,and the only water it receives is the occasional pass of the sprinkler or rain,if we should ever get any...


Variegated Agave,with Portulaca

Notice that the grass and everything surrounding the planter is turning brown,from the lack of rainfall.


The front entry area,which,also,receives full sun all day.



The succulent corner of TheGreatWall

or things I tend to forget about








Except for the Ponytail Palm,which is sunk into the ground,pot and all,the rest of the containers are set upon a three inch layer of septic rock.That allows them to drain,during the rainy season.

…The pool area…

Some of the succulents have been moved up to the pool area.Even though the containers are sitting on rock,they also,get protection from the harsh noon day sun,from a patio umbrella.




Have you tried succulents?

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Sue said...

Love the succulents!

Sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NotSoAngryRedHead said...

I love succulents, too, but I particularly love the really, really scary ones. Your variegated agave looks like a mangave, and your ponytail palm is STUNNING!

Unknown said...

I thinkk the proper name for it is Agave attenuata.

Susan said...

Succulents have been my best friends this summer. Almost all of my patio plants are succulents. They are wonderful! The best thing is they're not hanging their heads at 2 o'clock everyday. You've got some beauties and some wonderful displays of them. Your agave is exceptionally nice! Oh, I do think succulents and a Florida summer go hand in hand.

Meems said...

You really have increased your succulent collection and they are looking great. I've only a few containers but just made a new one and I'm starting to get the bug, too, I think. I find my aloes do better without too much direct sun... have you noticed they get greener with a bit of noon day protection?

Unknown said...

Meems-the only protection the aloe gesd from the noon day sun is the shade from the grill.It will look a little sad,but the occasional dribble from YardBoy's beer perks it right up.Go figure...All the rest are on their own.Love 'em all!


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