"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sat-ur-day In The Park….

Winter Park,Florida,that is.Which is a fifteen minute drive from Michael,the Elder’s,new home…where Miss Emma lives…

After delivering the tomatoes to Miss Emma,who happened to be a touch cranky,we(Michael and I) decided to take Kyle and Gina to the Saturday Farmer’s Market,in Winter Park.


The Market is held at the old train depot, located at 200 West New England Avenue, which has been restored into an historical landmark . It takes place every Saturday morning from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.Venders have all kinds of goodies for sale.Amish butter..bought some..,artisan bread..bought two loaves..,spices,produce,teas,even grass fed beef,and PLANTS!


This lady’s Broms were $8/ea or $20 for three.Not a bad deal,as they were all healthy and different than the usual ones we see.


I bought a cutting of each of these.A little pricey,but they were ones I do not already have,and haven’t seen available,before.

Am I good at justifying the money,or does every gardener do that?

Because the Market is held next to the Amtrak Station,every so often a train goes by.And all the kids,big and little,have to run over to wave at the conductor.



As it was the typical hot morning,in June,it was time to find a bench in the shady park,and cool off…..


and stare in amazement at the tree growing within a tree…. IMG_2480

and enjoy the plein aire painters…


I didn’t want to interrupt the people practicing Tai Chi,so there are no photos of that.But there were many practicing the ancient art.And it was mesmerizing to watch.

So,I settled for taking photos of the containers that grace downtown Winter Park.Here are a few….

IMG_2465 Taking container gardening to a whole new level,no?






Love the fire hydrant with it’s silver paint!

Besides the two Plumeria cuttings,I came home with these treasures…


The orchid was only $5 !

I think I heart Winter Park!


Excuse me,Gramma,but I would like to say something.

Okay,Emma,the blog is yours….

First off,I wasn’t cranky.I had gas.Babies get gas.Why do big people forget about that?

Second,why do Kyle and Gina get to have all the fun?I want to see a train,too.I want some Kettle Corn!---ummmm,Emma,you’re not allowed Kettle Corn,just yet…Whatever,Gramma…I want to see flowers!

You big people are gonna pay for leaving me home.

So,to get back at the big people,I stood up,all by myself,yesterday!


I just don’t have that “getting-back-down-gracefully” thing down yet.But I’m working on it.

But I am cute…


Yes,Emma,you most certainly are!


 Emma and TheGreatWall wish you a great gardening week!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a great post about a lovely outing with those you love, to a lovely park. Miss Emma's writings are always a delight and she certainly is a cutiepie.


Unknown said...

Thank you,Flower Lady!

VeVe said...

Thank you for the lovely tour, Chris. Almost feel like I was there - almost.

Floridagirl said...

Winter Park is a beautiful city, isn't it? I *heart* that town, too! Now I'm tempted to drive up some Saturday for their farmer's market. The ones in my neck of the woods are a whole different animal....

Love your new plant treasures!

Unknown said...

Vicki-isn't it great having the "little" people this close?The "big" ones too.

FloridaGirl-Maitland's Farmer's Market is on Sundays.Not as big,tho.I definitely want to go back.Just for the artisan bread. It's de-lish!

Susan said...

Oh, Emma is really growing and she is so cute. Love those blue eyes!

Looks like you had a great day in the park. Winter Park is such a beautiful city. I enjoyed looking at all the container plantings.

NanaK said...

What a nice outing for you with your family. Emma is so cute she can get by with being a little cranky now and then. Such gorgeous eyes. Enjoyed your tour of W.P. and now I'm hungry for bread!

Unknown said...

Susan-A lot of cities could learn from Winter Park.I loved the mixed use,the lack of sprawl,the use of plantings throughout the downtown area,the incentive to walk,I could go on and on.And the use of the containers...ahhhh!

NanaK-thank you for your lovely comments on Miss Emma.We think she's pretty special.Definite mind of her own,too.The bread is wonderful.No preservitives,either. Go.Get some.

Ami said...

Enjoyed your tour! You also made very good plants choices. Oh, an orchid for $5.00? Great deal! Emma is just such cuttie! All these Emma posts would be so precious for her to read when she grows up!

Gayle said...

Everything grows so big and fast there. Me, I get excited about a little plant with a little growth. You get to be a real gardener.

Robert's Tropical Paradise Garden said...

Nice blog and photos! I am following for sure.


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