"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I love a rainy day……


….Not really….


The garden is loving today’s weather.

I know we need the rain,but can’t it rain during the night?

And we got some rain,yesterday,

and the day before that,too.

and I have things to do in the garden.

…..Like plant this…..


My brand spankin’ new Oak Leaf Hydrangea!


But today,I got this….



This much….


And that was before noon!


And tomorrow is to be more of the same.

I may have to clean the house

probably not

or watch gardening shows on TV,

or read my new container gardening book.

But I won’t forget about you Little Fella….


The sun’ll come out tomorrow,bet your bottom dollar!

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Meems said...

Oh, but we need it so badly. I know it is never at just the right time is it! I got out VERY early this morning to plant a few things BEFORE the rain. I love it when I can put something in the ground and know the rain is coming to help it get established. Did you get your Oakleaf at Pine Lake? I just planted two more of them, too. Love them!
(I think you got more rain than me. Will check the rain gauge in the morning.)

Unknown said...

Meems-yes,I got the Oak Leaf at Pine Lake.My neighbor turned me onto them.She swears by them.I have the perfect spot for the Oak Leak,too,but every time I tried to get it into the ground,the rain started back up.

Brandy said...

I live oak leafs. I got 3 this spring. We've had no rain all this time. Enjoy it. 4 miles up the road they're under flood war it's and we've had less than 0.10".

Gayle said...

That is buckets of water!! We've had crazy weather....super hot one day, raining the next...and more rain than sun. I hope the whole month of July is dry and hot, hot, hot. I've got plants that need planted, too.

Leigh said...

Hello ChrisC! This is Leigh Spann...the morning meteorologist on News Channel 8. Glad you got some much needed rain! I also have a weekly gardening feature that airs on our morning newscast, and I would love to have you and your garden on there. Let me know if you are willing to talk with me on camera and get some footage of your beautiful yard. (Meems can tell you that it's basically harmless!) I look forward to hearing from you. lspann@wfla.com

Deborah said...

I love ya tomorrow! You're only a day away! I do love that song. WOW! What a beautiful garden along your pool!!! I love the wrought iron and the iris (?). Glorious. Sending you a desert blue cloudless sky, Deb

Unknown said...

Deb-the large plants next to the pool are Giant Liriope,which will be removed,when the weather is much cooler,when TheGreatWall undergoes another enlargement.

Susan said...

Thank GOd the rains have finally arrived. Hope you got your hydrangea in the ground by now. It's a great plant, so I hope yours does well.


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