"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Wednesday, June 22, 2011



We received a decent rain shower!

Not great….Less than 1/2 inch,but I’ll take it.

…..Actually,these days I’ll take any rain.Just so long as I don’t have to water…..

Everything in the garden is so happy!

African IrisIMG_2624


Knock-out RoseIMG_2632

Coral HoneysuckleIMG_2634

Pink GauraIMG_2636

Purple ConeflowerIMG_2637


as if it is trying to hold onto the rain drops

Red Trailing VerbenaIMG_2639

You get rain?


Susan said...

We are getting a little every couple of days...and I'll take it any way we can get it!

Meems said...

Hallelujahs here, Chris. It rained for the first time in weeks. Big lightning storm and then a good rain. I went outside to work in the garden afterwards and it was a sauna! Did you get the second wave that came through just after dark? We ended up with a solid 1/2" and the earth is happy this morning dripping with the afterglow. Let's hope it is a pattern.

Deborah said...

No rain in the desert. You can probably see my shade of green all the way there in Florida! Sorry, I drooled on your most beautiful flowers. **kisses** Deb

Ami said...

It raind here over the weekend during late afternoon. But now after the week started. Those 40%, 50% prediction keeps giving me the hope, but often missed my garden. I guess I have to rely on my hand-watering or the sprinkle system.

Unknown said...

Susan-our rain has been very minimal.I wouldn't mind if we got a little bit each day,but it has been weeks apart.Grrr...

Meems-I could see it headed your way,and I thought how lucky you were.I think you got more than us.What a difference a few miles makes.Right?

Deb-I feel like this has become a desert!

Ami-I think S. Florida has gotten more rain than us in W.Central Florida.How lucky you are!


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