"I'm not really a career person.I'm a gardener,basically.".....George Harrison

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Colors of the Season…..

As if TheGreatWall knows the holiday season is fast approaching,the garden has become decked out in the colors of the season.

Reds,pinks,greens and whites.

IMG_0955The last of the Caladiums hung on to participate in the décor.


Salvia against a backdrop of Dusty Miller.


Could anything be more appropriate to the season than Pinecone Ginger?


Red Pentas with white Agastache.


Self seeded pink and red Impatiens,amongst Giant Split-leaf Philodendron and Spathiphyllum.


A candy cane striped Petunia.


A pink and red Geranium.


Chenille plant in a container almost seems like ribbon on a Christmas package.


As if to welcome the start of the holiday season,the orchids have started to bud.


African Iris.


The Kalanchoes have started blooming.


A birdhouse hangs amongst the Norfolk Island Pines,almost like an ornament from a Christmas Tree.


Mustn’t forget the Pink Flamingoes that populate TheGreatWall!

You had to know we’d be hanging lights…..


This one is hanging on one of our patios.

We will be hanging more lights and decor,though I think TheGreatWall has already started the decorating……

How will you be decorating your garden for the Holidays?

This Thanksgiving,the ever delightful Miss Emma came to visit TheGreatWall.


At least that’s what we thought……

But she really came to meet her Great Grandpa…..


Yep,cameras clicked and flashes flashed!And they got along famously!According to him,she chatted away to him.Could they have talked about gardening and orchids?

This week will be a busy one at TheGreatWall.A new septic drain field is being installed,and Hillsborough County is FINALLY going to start their drainage project,on Tuesday.Five years in the making,but,finally,I can plan new gardens for that side of the yard.Yes!!!!!

Have a great gardening week!


Tootie said...

Beautiful flowers, one and all, including Miss Emma.

Floridagirl said...

Love your cheery Christmas blooms! Great theme! Your Miss Emma gets sweeter all the time. Love the photo with the proud Great Grandpa.

NanaK said...

How special to have three generations together for Thanksgiving. Miss Emma looks so sweet.

The candy-striped petunia is a great Christmas decoration for the garden. Hope both the drainfield project and the other drainage project go quickly and you can get to gardening over on that side of yard this spring.

compost in my shoe said...

Looks like a little bragging!!!! Pretty, pretty.....

Susan said...

I can see you're getting into the holiday spirit...love all the red in your garden, as well as your new holiday header.

How exciting that you'll have a new space to landscape.

NanaK said...

uh..I guess that's FOUR generations together!

Gayle said...

You have the biggest variety of flowers ever! I am always amazed. Just beautiful!

Deborah said...

I was about to comment on your fabulous garden, however, Emma upstaged it all! Is it not wondrous to see your father holding your grandchild. Not that is a full life.
Love to you! Deb


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