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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Things I Like In My Garden….

This past week not much has gone on around TheGreatWall.With the return of somewhat cooler weather,especially the night time temperatures,and the drop in humidity,the garden has done quite well on it’s own,thank you very much.There hasn’t been much to do,except for the occasional weeding,and maybe moving a plant or two around.Why can’t we have this during the summer months when it’s so hot and humid?

So,between football games(Bucs and Bulls won,Gators not so lucky),I took the camera out into the garden to document for future reference,some of the areas that I was happy with.

I enjoy standing by the pool area and looking down on this portion of the garden.IMG_0790

I should have taken this photo in the early morning.It is quite stunning in the early morning sun.We are quite pleased with the way this drainage area turned out.Not only has it taken care of the water problem,but it is quite pleasing to the eye.The path seems to lead to somewhere(it doesn’t).But I like that effect.One should always wonder what’s up ahead,shouldn’t they?

The Gerberas are quite happy…….


which makes me happy.

Daisies and Mums are my most favorite flowers.


Miss Emma’s statue…..


eventually she (the statue,not the REAL Miss Emma) will go in her own garden.The Miss Emma Garden.With a Queen Emma Crinum.The area is already plotted out.By the swimming pool.Stay tuned for that.

Speaking of Miss Emma…..Here she is at ten weeks.


They grow up so fast,don’t they?

How has your garden been growing?


Tink *~*~* said...

Very pretty. The garden, too ;)


Gayle said...

I've had plenty of kids of my own, but I still swear that she has got to be one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen. Her skin color, eyes...it is all captivating! Congratulations to the proud parents (and grandparents).

NanaK said...

Your garden is looking quite lovely this time of year. I can see why you enjoy that view! Love the idea of a 'Miss Emma' garden and I'm looking forward to every detail of its design.

Deborah said...

OOOooooo it is all quite pleasing to the eye!!! Is there anything sweeter than a baby girl in pink? I think not! Be still my heart. **kisses** Deb

Susan said...

Hi Chris...Miss Emma is looking prettier with each new pic you post. Love your idea about a garden in her honor. She will love that when she is older. It is quite satisfying to gaze down a pathway that feels and looks just right. glad to hear your drainage problem has been solved.

Floridagirl said...

What a great idea! An "Emma" garden! She is very beautiful, and the queen will be a fitting centerpiece for her little garden. Back when I lived in Atlanta, I always grew a certain bloom in honor of my daughter's name. (They won't grow here though....)

gpc said...

Miss E is prettier every time. I love the idea of having her own special garden spot. I wish you were near enough to me to teach me how to make such a pretty space!


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