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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ya Think I Need A Fence…..?


Has anyone tried these?


I had read about them,so I convinced YardBoy to go to Lowe’s with me(actually,I was driving,so he really had no choice),to look at them….

“I just want to see if they have them.”

Of course,we walked out with two……

They snap together very easily.No tools needed.Yea!!!

All put together with newspaper as a weed block.


And all filled up with soil…..


And all planted…..


This afternoon,this little buddy was seen nosing around………….


Yep,I think I need more of a fence…………

Addendum:the bunny has decided he/she just loves the garden!YardBoy and the Chief of Security(AKA The Cat!)were busy all day shooing it away……Fence tomorrow,for sure.

What I planted…..

Eggplant:Black Beauty,Ichiban x 2(my personal fave)

Peppers:Big Early Bell(a red),Red Bell,Yummy Bell(a yellow),Hot Banana and Habenero(for YardBoy),Bonnie Green Bell x 2

Tomatoes:BigBoy,Huskey Cherry Red,Yellow Pear,BeefSteak(YardBoy insists on those)

Beans:Bush,Blue Lake

Cucumber:Bush-type(a space issue)

Radish:Cherry Belle

Carrot:Red Cored Chantenay

Lettuce:Black Seeded Simpson

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gpc said...

I'm glad to hear they went together well -- I saw them this weekend, too, and picked up a couple, but it's way too early to plant them here! The guy at the cash register laughed at me and said, "REALLY?", but you've made me feel better about it -- except for the bunny! :)

Snowbird said...

What a great idea for a planter. But as for the bunny, I do think you need some more fencing.

NanaK said...

Those are really nice instant raised beds. What did you plant in them? The bunny looks too interested. Better get something to discourage him.

Deborah said...

What a great shot of the bunny! Good catch. I saw those in the add last weeks. My yardboy, who was recently promoted to Brawny Man, wants to redo his little side yard where he gardens with the above ground boxes, because here in the desert, carrots just won't grown down into our hard soil. I think yours turned out great!
**happy gardening** Deb

Meems said...

Hey Chris,
I think you are going to love those boxes. It makes it easier to control your soil and your plants. Although I don't know what you will do about bunnies. I am SO surprised bunnies haven't found my garden yet. I see them in the front garden but never in the side where the veggies are... whew... armadillos are worse though... I think... maybe not.

Ami said...

Those beds look great! I am thinking I probably also need a bed for my veggies experiment... The bunny looks cute, but I know it won't be good for your veggies. Fence maybe the solution :)

Gayle said...

Wow! You planted so much. Can't wait to see what it looks like when it is full. (Most of those things I have to plant in a greenhouse or they won't grow). Yup. You definitely need a fence.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Good morning Chris ~ I've not seen or heard of these before now. They sure went together easy and here you've already gotten them planted. I've not seen bunnies around, but we do have raccoons and opossums. Every time I've tried growing something they take a bite out, throw it on the ground. Very frustrating and aggravating to say the least. I may try growing some veggies in containers now that we have our screened room. The only critter in there is our outdoor girl and I don't think she's going to be interested.

P.S. ~ If I can grow roses down here, so can you. Someone many, many years ago told me that roses don't grow here in FL. Ha, they most certainly do, you just have to get the right ones.

Enjoy your weekend.


Tootie said...

Be nice Chris, that could be the Easter Bunny! :0


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