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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yard-Art Lovers Of The World Unite!


Frequent readers of this blog will be aware of how much I love yard art.

Not the tacky kind of yard art…..

But the artistic expression type of yard art.

Tastefully done…..

I ab-so-toot-ly love it!

So,when I saw this on the evening news,I was quite appalled.


I was p-o’d.

How dare they?

Read on…..

$1,600 fine for yard art

Monday, February 22, 2010

Joani Ellis is fighting a $1,600 fine from her homeowner's association.

MANATEE COUNTY (Bay News 9) -- A Lakewood Ranch woman says her homeowner's association has gone too far: four yard decorations are costing her a $1,600 fine.

Although her yard is well kept, she is still getting fined.

"They're citing me for too many decorative items in my yard," said Joani Ellis.

Ellis says the poodles, shells and fish decorations in her yard have been there since 1999, but she hasn't ever been cited for them until just recently.

The HOA says that decorative items are limited to a quantity of three.

Ellis says she has four. Some are linked together by wire. But the HOA is citing her for more than 20.

More Information

In addition to the $1,600 fine, the HOA is also charging Ellis $50 a day until she removes the decorations.

Ellis refuses to remove them and she is now fighting the fine and the rule. She says she believes she's the victim of selective enforcement.

Some of Ellis' neighbors refused to comment to Bay News 9, saying they fear they'll be retaliated against by the HOA.

The HOA did not respond to Bay News 9's phone calls.


It’s not like it’s a beat up old car up on cement blocks,fer cryin’ out loud.

It’s seashells and a fish sculpture!

Is it me,or is there a lack of common sense going on here?

Have HOA’s gone just a tad too far?

What do the rest of you think?

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This is exactly why I would never want to live in a place run by an HOA. I hope this lady wins her case.


sanddune said...

The land of the free and the home of the brave. Seems it has turned into the land of the fee and the home of the lawyers.

NanaK said...

Living with an HOA is a challenge for gardeners. Florida Friendly landscaping is a tough sell to many HOAs as well as yardart. Safety issues and gross negligence of property are one thing, but personal taste? Well, it's personal.

gpc said...

In michigan, at least with condominium HOA's, they can make whatever silly and arbitrary rules they like and you can't beat them in court. Buyers beware.

Anonymous said...

This is my yard...and you would be so surprised to see the yards of Board Members with more items than I have...Welcome to my Harper Valley HOA! Joani Ellis

Susan said...

How ridiculous! Her yard looks great. I bet a couple of flamingos would really freak them out. I hope she holds out and wins. You'd think they'd have bigger problems to deal with.


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