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Monday, February 8, 2010

TheGreatWall Throws A Super Bowl Party

Even though it was a beautiful day,weather wise,TheGreatWall decided to celebrate our newest national holiday, Super Bowl Sunday,and throw a Super Bowl  party.

Saturday was spent readying TheGreatWall.

Cleaning,sprucing up the place…..

The decor included……




and the newest planter

 (left over from the master bath renovation)


planted with Silver Thyme

Had to have new shoes and gloves to wear…….


I am sooo not a crocs person,but these are great for the garden.I bought them at Home Goods,for $9.99.The gloves are from Home Depot,and  have neoprene on the palms.Very light weight and very comfortable.

Some of the attendees at the party included………




We’re really hoping this pair of mating Mallards hang around awhile.


and all these guys and gals,too……….




Next year,we’re hoping for a bigger crowd

and lots more decor……..


jabblog said...

Wow! What a great party you had . . . and some very special visitors. Bet they can't wait for the next one:-)

NanaK said...

Now that's my kind of Super Bowl party. It's so nice to see birds in the garden isn't it? Your container arrangements are very nice. I'm just starting to try my hand at them.

Meems said...

Don't you love that red sensation cordyline! The ones I had planted in the ground didn't freeze and I was shocked. Needless to say the ones in my containers didn't freeze either. I like this kind of superbowl party... friendly faces and pretty decorations!

Ami said...

What a nice party you threw! I love the container combination you created with the Red Cordyline in the middle. What is name of the plant in the second planter that has maple leaf shape, and red center and green edge? Love it! Want to have it! :)

ChrisC said...

Thanks all.It's the kind of party I love.
Ami-I think it's called Pelargonium.A variety of geranium grown for its foliage.I got it at Annie's Potting Shed,in Lutz.

Susan said...

What a splendid party it must have been. Soooo many cool guests, and such stunning decorations. But my favorites were your choice of shoes and gloves...all your other guests must have been extremely jealous. :-)

Nishant said...

It's so nice to see birds

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